diy shellac nails

So, for my birthday I got a gel polish manicure. I’d wanted to try one for while, but I just couldn’t justify the cost on a regular basis. Birthday = splurge.

It goes on like nail polish, but has the durability of a gel overlay- the best part is that it instantly cures. No waiting around or holding your car keys with your mouth. Lasts up to two weeks. Price tag: $30 including tip. It was a fun little treat for my nails and lasted for probably ten days before I removed the polish.

I loved the concept but not the price. I did some investigating and decided with a little initial investment, I could probably do it myself at home. Let me clarify by saying that I am not trained in any way to do nails professionally. I have no cosmetic background, obviously- because I wore orange and pink eyeshadow to my prom. (Gtfernan, remember?)

The only place I found to purchase all the supplies was amazon, which is great because we have amazon prime I’m pretty sure I’m one of their best customers. (We live in Redding…soo.)

I purchased:

CND Shellac Top and Base Coat
CND Shellac Color Coat: Wildfire (fire engine red)
CND Shellac Color Coat: Romantique (light pink)
CND Solar Oil
Cuticle Pusher/trimmer
Alcohol, 99% Isopropyl

And this dryer: Thermal Spa 49135 Professional U/V Gel Light Nail Dryer

Total investment: About $130.

We had a girls night a few weeks ago and all tried it out. I have to say, I’m totally sold. Pays for itself in 4 manicures- plus I did my toes as well. I’m saving millions. And so are my friends.

I did light pink first, for a trial run. 
This was at 7 days.
This was at ten days.

Could have lasted a few more days but I was antsy to try red so I peeled them off and re applied.

I learned that I have to be more careful when painting red polish, but it really doesn’t chip or anything! Something about having my nails done just makes me feel better about myself? Makes yoga pants feel fancier? Goes with everything? I don’t know, but I’m addicted. Now I want more polish colors. 
Step 1: Buy stuff and do research. I watched you tube videos on application, it helped.
Step 2: Gather your homies. Way more fun to do in a group.
Step 3: Push back cuticles, cut nails super short. File and shape, wash and dry.
Step 4: Base Coat, cure for ten seconds. Will still be tacky.
Step 5: Polish Color, cure for two minutes. Still tacky but don’t touch.
Step 6: Another polish layer. The thinner the better. Don’t get your cuticles in it. Cure for two minutes.
Step 7: Top Coat, cure for two minutes. I do four just to be safe. Still tacky, don’t worry.
Step 8: Cotton ball of alcohol, swipe over nails. Some polish will come off on the cotton, don’t panic.
Step 9: Apply Solar Oil to cuticles.
Step 10: Immediately grab anything and everything you want because your nails are dry and shiny and awesome. You win.
Tips: Pick a color you can live with for ten days. Really make sure your cuticles are pushed back, if they get polish on them, they will peel. Use thin thin thin layers, it cures better and is more durable. It was easier for me to to do one hand at a time, that way I didn’t worry about gumming up one hand while painting the other. 
Verdict: Totally worth it.

3 thoughts on “diy shellac nails

  1. Good to know, I have been wondering about doing this at home. I have gotten the shellac done at the salon a few times and it is addicting. I love how shiny the polish stays!


  2. Really, really good info! I will have to do this sometime.


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