Lincoln Michael 7 Months

At his checkup on Monday he was 18 pounds 3 ounces, 27 1/2 inches long. He is in the 50th percentile for weight and 75th for his height. He is growing right on track and getting cuter every day. Still has six teeth, though that seventh one is just dying to make an appearance. I wish it would already! Make us all happier. Wearing 6-12 month shorts, 12 month shirts, and 12-18 month pajamas.

If we could give this month a subtitle, it would be “GIVE ME ALL THE FOOD.” Linc is a bottomless pit. He typically eats solid food three times a day, anywhere from 6-10 ounces per sitting. Six to ten ounces. Plus all his regular milk! Baby loves to eat. He likes baby yogurt, beans, sweet potatoes, squash and applesauce. I have to work harder to feed him peas or carrots, just not his thing. He has started nibbling on cherrios and puffs and is trying so hard to feed himself with his fat little fingers. Great for me, it occupies him in his high chair if his food isn’t quite ready or if I’m cooking dinner. Lincoln is still nursing but he is really slowing down and is so easily distracted.

Linc loves to be held on my hip. Loves to sit on the floor. Loves to chew on anything. He is rolling everywhere and if I’m not careful he just rolls right into the wall/fireplace/entertainment center. Not terribly interested in crawling but he is more tolerant of being on his tummy. Napping like a dream baby. I hate to say that because I’m afraid I’ll jinx it but he naps from 9-11 and 1:15-3 almost regularly. I’m pretty sure Heavenly Father created nap time for moms and not for babies, it is so nice to have some time with Isabelle or some time to take a shower. Occasionally there is a third nap but we are kind of trying to cut that out so he sleeps better at night. He is having a hard time at night- usually wakes a couple times for a paci and then always at 4 am he is ready to play. Jazz helps out so much! Often gets Linc back to sleep before I even hear anything on the monitor. Oh! Thats the other thing- Lincoln is in his own bedroom now. He was sleeping in a pack-n-play in our room for six whole months but we transitioned him to his nursery and he is doing great. Still loves to be swaddled.

Lincoln is a little mama’s boy! He does not appreciate it if he can’t see me or if I walk away from him. He will instantly calm down if I set him on my hip. And he loves his paci- we tried a new kind with him- (the Gumdrop Paci) and its really the only one he will take. The whole thing is rubber and I think it helps his teeth feel better because he chews on them. We’ve gone through several, they can’t quite hold up to his shark teeth.

Oh man his loves that fox. Isabelle calls him “Mr. Fox.”

Sidenote. You may noticed we have changed out Lincoln’s crib bumper. His other bumper was too fat and there was no room for him to roll around and stuff. These beauties are safer and thinner and softer. I should also include: Jazz was right from the beginning, the bumpers were too big and I was wrong- blinded by the cuteness factor. Are we clear. Jazz was right, I was wrong. 

Ohhhh we love this baby.

1 thought on “Lincoln Michael 7 Months

  1. He is adorable! Congrats!


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