the faces of iz

Isabelle is quite the little character. She is very opinionated and bossy and just today told me, “No, mom- I’M in charge.” Here is a bunch of pictures that show her sassy personality.
Sheep jams and my heels. Love her smirk.

Wearing Lincoln’s next season overalls.
yep she’s totally naked.
Can opener bag lady.

winter dress/ too small boots.
And here is a series I like to call “While she was sleeping,” a collection of bedtime photos.

Found an umbrella. Hiding under it.

This might be my fav. I put her down to nap in her t-shirt, checked on her a few minutes later to find her in Lincoln’s 12- month romper.
Invited all her babies/pillows/blankies into bed.
Not sure where she even found snow hat/mittens?
Sometimes I go to check on her and just LAUGH because of what she has found in her closet or in her drawers, she loves to find socks and shoes and wear them to bed. She loves to pick out random things and wear them the rest of the day. 
We have to be careful- she definitely listens to what we say. Today she said, “Mom that’s not even funny.” SHE’S TWO! Also- “My body is saying feed me feed me feed me!” Oh man we love this little girl.

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