Phoenix take two.

Every time I type Phoenix I have to double check and make sure it isn’t really spelled Pheonix. Pho- seems ridiculous, Phe- seems so much better but it isn’t my city to deal with so whatever.

Did you need more pictures? Yeah, me too.

Friday we ventured out to the rack and had lunch at Paradise. Oh, how I wish we had better restaurants in Redding! (My list includes Pei Wei, Paradise, Zuppas, and Noodles and Co) Going outside in Arizona for anything is like visiting Satan’s beach house on the surface of the sun. Ridiculous. Hair up everyday.

BEST INVENTION EVER. When we walked in, some employee BROUGHT these to us in line. They have a car seat bar that clicks in, or there are straps, and it is ON WHEELS. I just zipped Linc around while carrying a tray of food. Someone is so smart and I am kicking myself for not thinking of this and making millions. Those Mormons are smart!
On our way home, we made a quick stop at the famous Sprinkles.
They don’t just plop their cupcakes into a bag for you. They take your order. On a piece of paper. They lovingly place the cupcakes in their holders, wrap the box in a thick ziplock plastic bag, then put that bag in a bigger handle-wielding sack. Fancy fancy fancy.
Worth every bit of the four hundred dollars I paid for these cakies. Red Velvet, Sugar and Spice, Salted Caramel, Vanilla/Vanilla. Red Velvet was the winner. Amazing. So light and fluffy, not too much frosting. We ate these in one afternoon, nbd.

 The best part of the few days I visited was all the time we just sat around and talked. We nursed our babies.  We laughed when JR told us stories. We watched a crazy dust storm. We talked about milk production and birth and food and how much we love to sleep. I think we both thought we would swap babies for most of the weekend but it turns out our babies prefer their mothers! Who knew. Morgan and JR are doing such a wonderful job nurturing and loving baby Margo. She is so sweet and happy and I just want to bite her rolly little leggies. Linc seemed so big and grown up in comparison to her newness and it made me happy/sad because I love babies. So much changes in 6 months.

Theo loves babies too.

We are sisters, I swear.
Linc’s favorite part was theo, for sure. I would throw the dog toy for him and Linc just thought it was the funniest thing ever.

 Sadly, on Sunday I packed my things up and headed home. After three nights of Lincoln’s worst sleeping habits ever, (by far. seriously.) I was so nervous about the two hour flight. Prayers were answered when there were a few open seats and I was able to bring his carseat onto the flight. Seriously, I cried a little bit I was so happy. Linc fell asleep on takeoff and slept the entire flight. I read a magazine! Cover to cover! Picked up our luggage and went to find our car. Only it wasn’t where I left it!? Even though I wrote down my parking spot location, Could not find my car. You should have seen me. Dragging my 51 pound suitcase, carrying the carseat, diaper bag over my shoulder, Linc on my hip, sweat beading on my nose, with my keys in the air trying to hear the unlock beep of my car. Bless this super nice couple- they were on my flight and were making googly eyes at Linc before he fell asleep. They took my suitcase, helped me find my car, loaded it for me, and made sure it started. Nice people exist.

Hi, I am handome and charming and great at flying.

I had a great weekend- anytime you wanna get together and eat good food and laugh and hang out with babies, I am totally in. Thanks Mo and JR! And thanks to my husband for keeping Izzie entertained and safe for the weekend. When I got home I said, “Isabelle, did you have a good time with dad?” She said, “Yeah, he tooked good care of me.” So cute.

2 thoughts on “Phoenix take two.

  1. Ugh, I know! Phoenix is totally Satan's beach house. Jared is from Arizona and I'm always telling him we are never ever moving there for whatsoever reason. They do have good Mexican food there, though….Also, Linc is HUGE! I thought when I had a baby over 9 pounds he'd be a giant still, but Milo's hanging out right around the 50 percent in height and weight. Skinny, long baby. . . no thighs like Linc's. 😦


  2. My mouth is watering for those red velvet cupcakes. I miss Linc and his infectious chortle/chuckle


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