birthday boy

Jazz had a big birthday this week!

We all gathered as a family on Sunday to celebrate with food and cake. Ohhhh the cake. I told Jazz he could request anything he wanted as far as cake and this is what he came up with. White cake, peanut butter filling, butter cream frosting. I even snuck a bunch of crushed reeses into the filling. If you like peanut butter, it was amazing. If you do not like peanut butter, we are not friends.

It's a peanut butter bday for jazz!
Thanks Mo for teaching me some basic cake skillz. 

Pretty depressed that its gone.
yes he is wearing a zombie wizard of oz shirt.
We had to work on his actual birthday, so we met him at Mary’s Pizza Shack at lunch for his favorite pizza. We celebrated with balloons and some awesome presents and apparently I didn’t take very many pictures because this is all I have. Sorry honey, hands were full! Later that night I took my mom to the ballet. I know I’m a horrible wife, but this was the gift I gave my mom for her birthday earlier in the month and this was the only night it played and Jazz didn’t mind because he is awesome. 
I love that Jazz loves peanut butter as much as I do. I love that Lincoln is his mini clone. I love his blue eyes. I love that he is pigeon toed. I love that he likes weird awesome t-shirts. I love that he always takes the garbage out and puts a liner back in the can. Yesssss. I love that he goes to work on time every single day and often works extra because he is good at what he does. I love even though we are five years apart and were born in different decades (hello!) we share a birthday month. 
Happy Birthday Jazz! Here’s to wonderful next year.

1 thought on “birthday boy

  1. Um, that cake looks AMAZING!! You should share your recipe with us! And I totally agree that “if you don't like peanut butter, we are not friends.” Happy Birthday to Jazz.


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