visiting phoenix

Oh this was such a great trip. SUCH a great trip. This will likely take more than one post. FYI.

This was the first time I left Izzie alone besides Linc’s birth. This is the first time I drove to Sac and flew with a baby by myself! First time I visited Morgan in Phoenix. First time I got to see and hold tiny baby Margo. Oh Margo! So sweet and so little.

I dropped Izzie off at JaNae’s about 11:30 am on Thursday and me and Linc headed to Sacramento. We had one stop to feed Linc some peaches, overall it was a smooth ride. Once at the airport, I parked and pumped in the parking lot for the flight. Linc is just too temperamental/ginormica to nurse on the airplane. Kudos for those of you who can do that. Linc is like 20 pounds and four hundred inches long and it just would be hard without using the lap of my neighbor. Awkward.

I checked the carseat and just carried Linc in a ring sling, which was both good and bad. Great to keep him occupied, as he is happiest on my hip. Less heavy than carrying him in the carseat. But also tricky because I couldn’t just set him down to deal with security or run to the bathroom. We were delayed about 45 minutes so I ended up just putting him down on the airport carpet on a blanket to roll around and play. He is a heavy little sucker. I was super nervous about the flight because it is two hours. Doesn’t seem long, but all my tricks for Isabelle don’t apply to him yet. He doesn’t eat snacks. He doesn’t like stickers. He won’t watch any movies. Toys, patty cake, and milk were pretty much all I had up my sleeve. And lots of prayer.

Besides him almost rolling off of the seat while I buckled my seat belt, the flight was great. He slept for a while, woke up and played, realized he was still tired, and went back to sleep until we landed. HALLELUJAH GLORY AMEN. Such a relief. We collected our shiz from baggage claim and when he was buckled in his car seat and I was waiting on the curb for JR I felt like shouting I DID IT I DID IT I WIN EVERYTHING! So maybe not a big deal but it was stressful for me. I am the queen of stress planning.

If I can tell you one thing about Phoenix, it is that it is roasting scorchy death hot. Redding is hot, but it cools down into the 70’s and 80’s at night. Phoenix? Not so much. Still 100 degrees at ten pm. JR drove me to their cute little apartment right in Scottsdale where Morgan was waiting with baby Margo and Theo the pup.

As soon as she opened the door we swapped babies and I cried because I love all the babies and I scooped that little margo right onto my shoulder. She is so soft and she smells so good and she has neck rolls. See.

PS expect mostly iphone pictures. 

Our plans for the weekend were very simple. Feed our babies. Feed ourselves. Venture out of the house once per day. Do you know how tricky it is to leave the house with two babies on two very different schedules? We did it though because we are awesome. High five to us! 

Aaaaand it was too hot to wear my hair down. Ever.
Margo was ready to go. 
She looks a lot like Morgan’s baby pictures. And she has lots of dark hair!

Are they so cute or what! This was three frames before Lincoln tried to grab Margo’s eyeball.

And this guy:

Normally such a great sleeper, Lincoln took this opportunity to remind me what it was like to NOT sleep. Up multiple times a night, not crying or upset just like awake and ready to party. I think he realized he wasn’t at home and he didn’t want to miss anything. HILARIOUS. He could see me from his bed and he would like at me like “hey THERE you are, come get me!” As soon as we got back home he slept normally again. Silly Lincoln.

1 thought on “visiting phoenix

  1. The pictures are AWESOME. I miss you already. Come back? P.s. I think their noses look similar!


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