learning to swim

It is so hot here, you really can’t be outside for long unless you are in the pool. Izzie’s swim lessons started last week and she loves/hates them. She love seeing her friends. She loves being at Grandma’s house. She does not like swimming with the teacher and she especially does not like going under water.

her little bffs

This was the first day… maybe her happiest day. Now she knows what is coming and she says NO MOM I ALL DONE. Awesome.

Ah, that’s more like it.
She is really good at kicking, at holding the pool noodle, blowing bubbles, and getting rings off the step. She has room to improve in the holding breath category, she can’t quite figure it out yet but she will! It helps if I get in with her and swim before and after teacher time, she gets less upset. 
Over two weeks she got SO much better at holding her breath and not snorting water through her nose, but for awhile we had her wearing nose plugs. So cute/sad at the same time. 

Oh I love this picture. Isabelle is so much happier after her turn is over. I all done mom, I all done! 
Just for fun… same pink swimsuit, same instuctor… Izzie a year younger!

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