happy birthday to me.

It is my birth month! Did you know?!

I had such a great birthday this year. (Last Monday, hi, I’m behind) I just wasn’t feeling too birthday ish at the beginning of the month but my family and friends are so good to me and they made it wonderful. I love parties! Mom set out all these hilarious old photos of me- I’ll have to post a couple because it turns out Isabelle looks kind of like me!

We were up early so Jazz took us to the donut corner for a breakfast treat. If you live in Redding and haven’t been to the donut corner, you are seriously missing out. The hole-in-the-walls are the best places to eat. Open 4 am to 2 pm.

Soon after my cute sister in law and nieces surprised me with MORE donuts! They know what I like!

Then we did our makeup while Linc napped. 
Jazz showed up at lunch with flowers and balloons, how sweet is that. Later we had swim lessons and then a big family dinner at Moms.
Birthday dinner! round table and my first diet coke this year. by miccolene
Round table/diet coke. Only my mom serves pizza on fine china. Best birthday dinner EVERRRR. I miss diet coke .really a lot
Linc likes to be on my hip most of his life. PS those are trick candles because my mom is trixy.

Mom made these crowns for us, they were a huge hit.

We finished the evening watching The Bachelorette in our jammies. 
It really was a great birthday. Everyone was so thoughtful and gave such me great gifts! So when I was in Sacramento waiting for baby Linc to be born, JaNae and her girls came down for the day and we went to fairy tale town and played, remember? Well that evening we walked arden fair for awhile together and we stopped in Brighton for a minute and I found a really cute bow ring that I totally loved, but they didn’t have my size… well she remembered the ring and when she was on vacation in Maui she found another Brighton and she and Sabrina bought it for me! Can you believe how awesome that is? Now when I wear the ring it reminds me of that fun day we spent together just before I went into labor that night. Such a great memory. Jazz bought be a beautiful new watch, which is kind of funny because the day before my birthday, my regular watch broke. Whaaaat are the chances! Anyway, I could list all my gifts but it would be embarrassing because they are all so great and it would take all day. Thanks everyone for a super special day! Exclamation Point!

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