insta-update vol 4

This should be a post about my birthday but I’m too tired and I still have to pack (TO SNUGGLE MARGO) and so this is my best blog effort. Enjoy.

Asleep with her babies and her balloon. by miccolene Happy birthday gwamma. by miccolene
asleep with her balloon/gwammas birthday
Hair cut day! by miccolene Hi I look like isabelle. Nbd. by miccolene
Because nothing makes a grand am classy quite like a car stache. by miccolene I mean, killing me. by miccolene
carstache/ handsome
Birthday dinner! round table and my first diet coke this year. by miccolene What being locked out looks like. (just the screen door, nbd.) by miccolene
bday dinner/ locked out
6 months! by miccolene Clearly enjoying swim lessons as much as last year. by miccolene
6 months!/ hating swim lessons
Safety first. by miccolene Fluffyyyyyy by miccolene
safety first/ stay puft

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