Lincoln Michael 6 Months

A very, merry un-birthday to our sweet and jolly baby Lincoln. A half year!

To say it goes by quickly is an understatement. It flies, especially with the second one- there is less time to sit and ponder the moment because your toddler might pee on the carpet while you are distracted. This has been an awesome month of milestones for Linc- maybe the most exciting for mom and dad is that he has slept through the night an handful of times and is now doing it almost consistently. GLORIOUS. I can’t believe how amazing it is to sleep through the night already- its a game changer for sure. Last night he slept from 8:30 to 7:30, waking once for teething gel and a paci and that was it. So amazing, I’m so thankful he is a good sleeper. So, so thankful. Did I mention the thankfulness???

Linc loves his food. He eats solids three times a day- usually about 3-4 ounces at each meal. I’ve been making his food like I did for Iz and it’s working out great. He loves sweet potatoes, peas, and if all else fails give the kid applesauce. He can eat that anytime, day or night, and prefers most of his food chilly cold, not warm. He is still nursing and I’m very proud to still be making milk for him at 6 months. Doesn’t seem like that long but it’s not super easy! People that tell you breastfeeding is so easy and convenient and carefree are just delusional.

He is over 18 pounds and who knows how long. In size 6-9 month onesies, 12 month pajamas, and 6-9 month regular clothes. He is just really tall, he grows out of his pajamas so fast. And his thighs! Stuff dreams are made up. Thick and chunky and so bite-able. He loves the patty-cake games, the ride on the leg game, all the games that jostle him around make him giggle. He also loves to be tossed gently in the air. (Gentlyyyy! name that movie.) He likes to play with his feet and chew on his hands. His hair is growing in too- light brown and super straight and fluffy.

This baby loves to be included. He hates when I leave the room without him. He hates when Izzie isn’t around- he is always looking for her. He really likes chewing on anything he can fit in his mouth because of ALL THE TEETHING that is happening. July 9th his 5th and 6th tooth popped through. That is six teeth in just over a month. 6 teeth, five weeks. Overachiever alert! We’ve been giving him infant tylenol which he usually hacks back up because it is disgusting, hyland’s teething tablets have helped and also good ol’ orajel. As a result he hasn’t been too fussy, just wants to be held on my hip a lot.

And he moves! He can roll back to front and front to back now so he just has free reign over the carpet but he dislikes being on his front for very long before he hollers for some help.  I had a hard time taking his 6 month crib pictures because he just wants to roll around/sit up/dive away from me.

Isabelle is such a great big sister. She calls him “wink-inn michael” or just “baby wink.” She gets so excited when he wakes up and she can hear him, she has to run right in there and take off his blankets and say good morning to him. She pets his head and talks to him and gives him toys. Though the other day Izzie said, “Wink ate my barbie crown! in his mouf!” And I about had a heart attack. We turned the room upside down looking for it and finally found it, HUGE PHEW. And then we had a nice long chat about only giving Lincoln baby toys even though sharing is great. Love this baby, can’t imagine our family without his round little face and big huge smile. xo.

We couldn’t get fox to sit still. 
Best picture ever. Rollllllls.

You can tell who has been out in the sun.

Linc says talk to the hand.

Could really be his “mini-me.”

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