Insta-update, Vol 2

Can anyone else not keep clothes on their kid. by miccolene Perfect day outside. by miccolene

backyard is our fav

108 points.... No big deal. by miccolene Yogurt facial by miccolene

108 point word, no big deal/ yogurt facial

Milk coma. by miccolene Like a bachelor. by miccolene

Drunk/ chillaxin

Squishy. by miccolenePlease don\'t ever grow out of this. by miccolene

Poo;side/ sleepybye
I swear I used to blog about other things than pictures of my kids. Didn’t I? I did, right? I would like to blog about our awesome stroller and post a tour of Lincoln’s nursery and tell you about our exciting trip we are taking and get your ideas for summertime dinner plans because yikes everything is so hot. But instead here is another bombardment of really, really, really cute pictures of my babies. 
Also: Lincoln is over 17 pounds. And so so ticklish. I had a cold this week- blerg. Wish there were more nursing-approved drugs for that. My parents got to visit baby Margo and I am green with envy. Isabelle hates to wear clothes. And she peed on the floor today. Awesome. My bangs are insanely long like I could probably blow dry them to the side but I’m waiting for LannyMac to get home from her epic summer trip for a cut/color. (She’s been gone for an entire month, for real. Hurry up, Lanny.) 
Here is baby Margo. I call her Margarita, just for fun. Isn’t she beautiful? I neeeed to hold her.

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