summer visitors

We’ve had some visitors! Jazz’s mom Bobbie and our nephew Dayton came for a visit last week and it was great to see our Utah family. Isabelle totally has a new BFF, despite their 7 year age difference… as soon as she woke up she said, “Where’s Dayton?” and basically followed him around all day for five days. She wanted to do anything he did and go wherever he went. Driving to church was a HUGE drama fest since her car seat wasn’t in Dayton’s car and we didn’t have time to switch it, imagine having to drive four minutes without him!

Dayton got to play Lego Harry Potter on the Wii, Isabelle just mostly waved a controller around and yelled “I DO IT” whenever he did. After he left she got a controller out and said, “Mom turn on Harry Potter please.” Cracked me up.

By mid June here it is usually ROASTING roasty death fire hot, but this year has been so pleasant.  We’ve had some cooler temperatures and even a few rain storms (whaat!) so we were actually able to be outside and play. I’m so grateful we have a little backyard, it is so nice to throw the ball around and chase Iz on the grass. Was also nice just to sit as a family and chat.

We of course made a quick trip to the lake despite the colder weather- everyone wore pants and sweaters which is INSANE CRAZY for June. Usually you just show up naked. You can tell Linc has an older sister and girl cousins because everything is pink. Sorry dude, we will work on that for you. 

Thanks Rach and Sean for his hoodie!

Three generations.

Fat sumo baby. Linc was not thrilled about the sausage vest. He cried unless we were moving, so we just drove around for awhile until he went to sleep. Boats are magic.

Isabelle drove us into the slip (no people, she didn’t really.) but she loves to pretend to drive.

We also went swimming and had a bbq and went to see Madagascar 3 which was super fun (even Lincoln survived!) but I failed at taking pictures. Hands = full. Bobbie treated us to lunch and fresh donuts and was so helpful with baby Linc and entertaining Isabelle. We are so glad they came to visit us!

1 thought on “summer visitors

  1. Pretty sure I saw ballet slippers in these pics! Melted me heart to see Dayton with your babies and can't get over your Sumo's blue eyes! Your little people are to die for cute and I love that Iz & DD bonded!


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