Insta-update, Vol 1

Chunksy. by miccolene This is my whole life. by miccolene

chunky legs / siblings
4 years and two babies later happy anniversary to us! by miccolene What we\'re doing today. by miccolene

four year anniversary / pool day
Baking fathers day treat. by miccolene Happy fathers day! by miccolene

making cake / eating cake
His fav time of day. by miccolene Fav part of my day. by miccolene

happy days
We neeeeeeded the big cart today. #targetisheaven. by miccolene Mom we match. by miccolene

helping push / we match, mom
Hello summer. by miccolene First boat ride by miccolene

definitely summer / first boat ride
Old blue eyes. by miccolene Untitled by miccolene

concerned face / chunky boy

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