Lincoln 5 Months

Yesterday marked five months with baby Linc. This was the month that he was all, “whats up I’m not a newborn anymore” kind of a month. He has this big vibrant personality developing and its so fun to see what makes him laugh or what grabs his attention.  He is getting more on a schedule during the day, and sad to say- less of a schedule at night. What gives, kid. He is still the KING of catnaps- 30 minutes on the dot unless he is held which is fun/exhausting. I’m sure eventually we will get him sleeping better and in his crib for his naps.
I love this one. Just loungin’.
I’m guessing he weighs about 16 pounds, that is just speculation but judging from my major arm fatigue I think that’s about right. He LOVES to be held. He likes to sit on my hip and just make sure he is a part of whatever is going on. He especially loves to watch Isabelle. LIKE A HAWK. I’m sure this will only get more fun for them to interact together. He does not appreciate when we leave the room. He instantly hollers at us to make sure he isn’t forgotten. In the night when he wants to be fed I have to pass by his bed to use the restroom before I nurse, and when he sees me walk away from him he totally FREAKS OUT. Even though I will be right back. 
Big news this month- He got two teeth June 3rd and shortly thereafter experienced rice cereal. Since then he mostly eats applesauce 2-3 times a day as well as all of his normal nursing sessions. (!!) We have also tried carrots and you can see he really enjoyed them. 

How carrots went today. by miccolene
Why is no one feeding me! Also, I have teeth. by miccolene
Linc still loves his bathtime. He could seriously sit and splash forever, he never fusses until he has been removed from the tub then he is super mad. He found his feet this month! Like toys that are constantly attached, what could be better. He hates being on his tummy. Hates. May skip crawling entirely for this reason. 

Chubs Magoo by miccolene

He is super ticklish. Especially under his chin, behind his knees, or on his tummy. And extra ticklish when he is sleepy. Gets him every time.
I mean how could I not post this. by miccolene

More pictures because I can’t help it!

Ab work. 

Time is flyin’! Almost time to have another one. HAHA oh man I am so funny. We sure do love our “baby winc” and are so glad he joined our fam. He has so many giggly moments and also some very tender soft sweet sleepy moments that I’m trying to soak up as much as possible. 
Just for fun… makes my uterus ache.
PS. I think I’m going to have to do a Friday phone dump to blog a few fav instagram photos from the week.  (#Imobsessed) They are just too cute not to record and I can’t think of a better way? 

2 thoughts on “Lincoln 5 Months

  1. He is getting so big!!! Jace HATES being on his tummy also, and I think that is why he still (9 months old) is not crawling!! he is just working on the whole walking thing instead! Also, I LOVE the elephant jammies! You make some pretty darn cute babies!


  2. Seriously cute kid. Looks a lot like his sis, but a big boy version. Uuuummm what is it with your new generation of kids being held for naps and never laying on tummy's? Certainly a product of sleeping on backs I guess and that is per Drs orders so… I guess I can't say anything more about it.”What blue eyes you have? The better to see you with my darling.”


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