Isabelle, 32 Months.

I think we all need an Isabelle update.

Oh man she is SO FUNNY. 2 1/2 is the best age ever- she can talk and reason and explain things in her tiny terms and for the most part she makes perfect sense. Sometimes I actually find myself laughing with her- like shes my best friend ever. She can do a lot of things independently which is great for me but also we see how stubborn she is. “I do it myself!” If you do anything for her, she will go back and UNDO what you have done and REDO it herself. Every single time. She is so sassy and fiesty. I wonder where she gets that…

Stuff she says that I want to remember:

  • Yuct! Anything that ends in a -k she pronounces with a -t. Yuckt! Milkt!
  • She always says “One more minute!”If I tell her it’s time to go or time to turn off the show or whatever, she tries to bargain for more minutes. Sometimes she looks at our big wall clock and says, “Two minutes on that clock riiiiight there.” like she doesn’t trust our other clocks. 
  • She uses “sleepybye” in place of the word “sleepy.” “Oh dis baby is so sleepybye!” or “No mom, I not sweepybye I awake.” I love it.
  • We were cleaning the other day and she loves to help, of course, so she had her own swiffer in the living room and marched over to Lincoln and said, “I dust his head.”
  • Jazz installed a ceiling fan in her bedroom to help with airflow and she was SO EXCITED. When I laid her in bed that night we were talking about the fan and I said, “what do you think about your new fan?” and she replied, “It be awesome!”
  • The other night she patted her mattress and said, “Mom, come lay by me we go to sweeps together.” I died.
  • Jazz was running to the store late one night and after he tucked Isabelle in he reappeared in a hoodie to tell her goodnight before he left. She immediately noticed something was different. “Dad, where are you going in your jacket?” Jazz told her he was running to the store and she said, “Well, will you bring me a cookie?” Smart little thing.
  • Is using the term “favorite” for everything.” That be my favorite! Oh this is my favorite show! I love this part- it my favorite! This is my favorite baby!”
  • She throws her arms around my neck and says “oh mom I wuv you SO MUCH.”
  • She also tries to “pump” after I have. Turns it on and everything.

I was looking through some pictures from Lincoln’s birth and saw the ones where Isabelle came to meet her brother. I was shocked at how different she looks in just five months- she has so much more hair! Her little body is getting tall and lean and she loves to be naked. “No mom I just be naked for awhile.” Mostly she wears a t-shirt and thinks she is good to go. She loves her ballet slippers and often wears them out, even to church. Gotta pick your battles, knowwhatimean? She loves water and plays in the sink a lot. Or the tub. Or the pool. The other day she set up her tea party table then bowed her head and blessed the tea party. She says basically all the prayers at our house. A little child shall lead them… oh man I love being her mom.

Sometimes you just need a Popsicle while you soak. by miccolene
Looking fancy by miccolene

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