Welcome Baby Williams!

I’ve just been DYING the last few days waiting to report on our new family member!
Margo Ray Williams
June 10th at 11:05 pm, 9 pounds 5 ounces 22 inches long.

I’m so proud of Morgan- she was a CHAMP during labor and delivery and did such a great job. Everyone is healthy and happy and doing well and should go home tomorrow.  Morgan says “Margo is really chubby and smells good and she curls up all small and she stops crying as soon as you pat her and she makes these little piggy snort sounds when she breathes.” It’s killing me not to be there, but I am so happy for Morgan and JR. Yay, I love babiessssss!
Also, Happy 1st Anniversary to them today- what an awesome way to celebrate!

1 thought on “Welcome Baby Williams!

  1. yay! grats on the new babe in the familia!! so fun! & well done morgan with a massive baby. 🙂


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