Linc’s big weekend.

Well I said I didn’t have much to report but now I do. Such is life.

Lincoln had a big weekend. He tried rice cereal for the first time, and on Sunday, he cut not one but two teeth. Because really, go big or go home right.

Can we discuss this? Lincoln is 4 1/2 months. That’s only 18 weeks. I feel like that is super early to have teeth, yes? I looked at my record of Isabelle and she got one tooth at 7 months. SEVEN. I think because he is growing so fast and getting so big ie chunky, he is just ready for teeth. Isabelle was a fairy and maybe didn’t need the teeth so quickly. Either way, it totally shocked me when I put my finger in his mouth and was rewarded with a braille of shark teeth.

On to the cereal. Linc is in the 95th percentile for his height. He is very long, he wears 9 month sleepers EASILY because his legs go for friggin days. And I want to bite his thighs. So basically I have barely been able to keep up with his nursing schedule because he requires so much milk and I’m doing my BEST to make as much as possible. So far we are staying ahead and I have yet to run out/give him formula because I am just determined. I could tell over the last few weeks though that he was looking for something with a bit more substance. I talked to his pediatrician at his four month checkup and she said to start him on any solids we wanted to.

But I hesitated. WHY! I don’t know what my problem is, but for some reason I want to keep my babies as babies for as long as possible. Maybe because the time goes so fast and I really relish those moments as little infants but it is so hard for me to be okay when they move on to the next stage.  I hesitated giving Lincoln solids  because I wanted to exclusively nurse him for as long as possible. Mostly because that is the thing to do? Because I set a goal? Because my cool mom friends do it? Sometimes I have this romantic attachment to parenting ideas that sound great on paper but may need to be adapted to my own baby. I sound crazy.

Anyway, he did great. He is really getting the hang of the spoon thing, he eats three times a day and still consumes his normal nursing schedule plus his big bonus milk before bed and he just seems happier and less fussy between meals because he is FULL. Must let go of weird mom guilt. I will continue to nurse him as long as I can and I don’t think giving him cereal takes away from that. Can I get an AMEN.

His first bite. 


Hold the phone! What is happening!

Oh man I love this face.

The aftermath

Isabelle’s reaction.

Also, I feel I need to discuss Isabelle’s shirt. This girl loves to wear a t-shirt at home. Like lounge wear for toddlers. I don’t mind because it makes it easier for her to use the bathroom by herself and honestly it isn’t worth the fight to try to get pants on her. I have lots of cute t-shirts for her to wear but Jazz is always asking if he can get her “special” t-shirts. Special is code word for COMMERCIAL CRAP. I’m a fan of Disney, I love the movies, I’d live at the park if they would let me but NO I do not like animated characters on my kid’s stuff. She is small enough that if I don’t buy it, she doesn’t know any better. Mean? Maybe. So one day I found this Ariel t-shirt on clearance for two dollars. hard to pass up a 2 dollar shirt, and I caved and brought it home and designated it as the HOME LOUNGE T-SHIRT. Of course she instantly loved it and wants to wear it all the time but it is still just a home shirt. As I was feeding Linc cereal and Jazz was taking pictures I kept thinking. OMG ARIEL SHIRT ARIEL SHIRT ARIEL SHIRT. We will not be framing these.

Here he is, fat and happy. And CUTE.

7 thoughts on “Linc’s big weekend.

  1. Don't feel bad at all! I started feeding Beckett solids at 4 months. He weighed 19 pounds and just needed a little extra to keep him full and sit in his tummy between feedings. He is doing just fine! Big babies need more and I think milk just goes through their systems too quickly! Your a great mom and your kiddos are stinking cute! Ariel shirt and all. I didn't even notice the Ariel shirt until you said something about it and I still think it's cute!


  2. My mother-in-law told me that when my husband was 8 weeks old they started putting rice cereal in his bottle because he just stopped sleeping soundly and was acting hungry all the time. I was horrified at the thought of doing that with Clara (more because my biggest fear right now is her choking on anything), but you do what is best for you baby, even if it breaks your heart. You're a great mom.


  3. So we were looking at your blog and Madilyn said “LOOK! Isabelle is wearing an Ariel shirt…it's SOOOOO CUTE!!!”They love that crap-I'm with ya! Keep it at home!P.S. We miss you guys. We are quarantined for like 3 weeks…I'm going nuts!


  4. The second I pulled this up Charlotte ran over, “Elbow!!! Cute! Niiiiceee…” She loves her “Elbow.” Don't feel bad at all, only you know what is best for your kids, but you feel confident knowing you are making great choices for him! He is happy, you are happy! I am the queen of mommy guilt and it's just the worst! And it might even help be able to breastfeed him longer if he isn't starving to death all the time.


  5. Oh and yes, 4 months does seem early for teeth! Charlotte was 7 months too. He is certainly an overachiever!


  6. 4 months is early! Not, like, Guiness book early but early nonetheless. I say just be glad he's done the worst bit already, cutting those first teeth. We are going to be in Redding for 3 whole weeks and I demand to meet Mr. Linc, thank you very much.


  7. He IS quite cute. I fed and nursed a couple of my babies until they were 15 months so they never went to a bottle. A couple others just went 6 months, so I had to wean them twice. My last started biting and he got cut off at 11 months but I was NOT going to give him a bottle (maybe punishing him for biting) so he apparently was just a bit thirsty for a few months. They all survived me as a mom anyway. Amazing.Mine were all about 6 months with the teeth. So average.BTW, for Kelly, my first word was elbow and My Mom says I loved saying it over and over.


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