bits and pieces.

Not much to report on the home front.

Lincoln is awesome. He loves to be held OH MAN does he love to be held. Probably my own fault for cuddling so much as a newborn that he got used to it, but really that’s worth it for me. King of catnaps- 30 minutes on the dot UNLESS you hold him. Then he will nap longer. Either way I get nothing done. I think he is working on his bottom two teeth because he is drooling like a shar pei and wants to bite on all of his toys.

The other day I was so desperate for a nap, I was holding Lincoln (who was asleep) in the recliner while Isabelle was sleeping. I was so tired I stuffed some burpies by my neck, grabbed my blackout eye mask, and fell asleep with my mouth wide open. Picture it, just for fun. BUT HEY I got a good hour of sleep! 

Isabelle is awesome too. She loves “baby winc.” She is always asking to hold him or help with diapers or anything. She also loves to color on Jazz’s galaxy pad or whatever its called. Samsung’s version of the iPad. Not color like with crayons, but virtual coloring. She can navigate her way through that thing better than I can. I can’t imagine what she will be able to do in ten years. Kind of scary? She picked it up so quickly, it was amazing.

I had my teeth cleaned for the first time since Isabelle was born. I know, I’m not proud of that. BUT I am proud of no cavities! Yay teeth! Great job to me and my toothbrush.

OH YEAH ALSO I FORGOT! Morgan is having a baby like ANY day now. She has been on bedrest for about a week due to some preeclampsia, I’d love to post a picture of her swollen feet but I’m pretty sure she would kill me. I’m so excited for them it’s like Christmas and I can’t wait for her to deliver her sweet baby so I can go out there and nibble on her toes. The babys, not Morgans. I will keep you posted on that (with Mo’s permish of course.)

It is going to be 102 degrees today already. No big deal. We went for a walk this morning and then played in the backyard until 11, after which time we all needed showers/baths. I love summertime but wait no I don’t love it. I do love babies in swimsuits eating popsicles though.

Happy June already!

this might be my worst blog ever.

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