swimmin’ time.

All Isabelle wants to do is make smoothies and swim. I guess it is summer?

I remember being a kid and being in the pool for three months straight. As soon as our practicing was done in the morning, we were allowed to swim. So we did- all day everyday. We played stupid games like sharks and minnows, dibble dabble, and marco polo where pretty much everyone cheated. (Close your eyes? Seriously?) Loser had to go get otter pops and cut the tops off. At lunch time my mom would bring out a platter of tuna sandwiches and a pitcher of lemonade and we would get out of the pool just long enough to eat and dry off and then we were back in.

Some of my favorite memories of my childhood involve that pool. I remember helping to teach Morgan to swim. And making elaborate “routines” for my mom to come out and watch us perform. Bless her, she came out and sat on the steps every time we told her we had a big show. One time I raced my dad the length of the pool and back, and I won. He was probably taking it easy on me but whatever, I’ll take it. We also used to pull the trampoline over next to the pool and jump in but ONLY when dad was home in case anyone needed stitches. I had many many birthday parties in that pool.

I loved to swim.

When Iz wakes up she says, “Mom we to go to Gwammas and swim?” It is seriously her favorite thing to do. Jazz bought her some wings and she loves to swim back and forth for as long as we will let her. Her little body is getting tan despite our diligent application of sunscreen and she will only wear ONE swim suit, her favorite. I love that her tush is white. With over 100 degree temperatures, I’m sure grateful to have access to a pool.

Linc just chills.

1 thought on “swimmin’ time.

  1. YOU WERE THE ONLY ONE THAT CHEATED IN MARCO POLO. And yet another example of “Micci-does-what-she-wants-during-our-childhood-years-and-grows-up-to-think-it's-normal”.P.s. I want to pinch Isabelle's little white bum.


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