Lincoln- 4 Months

Lincoln is now four months old. At the doctor on Friday he was a little bit over 14 pounds- getting nice and chunky. I feel like he is pretty tall and solid- he is wearing mostly 6 month onesies and 3-6 month clothes. And also HOLY COW he is so cute. His face is like fluffy butter, his skin is so soft, his little lips so pink and pouty. Every time I look at him I just want to squeeze him and love him. His thighs! Delicious! Normal mom stuff? Yeah probably. He is my favorite son.

He is still nursing full time and doing great. One of these days I’m going to give him some pumped milk so we can go out for more than 90 minutes, but I’m so attached to him it’s hard for me. Is that weird? We really want to see The Avengers but it is just too long for us to drive to the theater, watch the whole show and drive back. Then again, why am I freezing milk if I’m not going to use it. Someone just tell me to do it already so I can get it over with!

Lincoln is my little sleeper baby. During the day he is awake for 2 hours, down for 30 minutes to an hour then time to eat again, repeat cycle. He likes to be swaddled and he loves to having something on his face- like a burpie or a bit of the blankie just something soft to cuddle with. At night he performs magic and sleeps anywhere from 9 to 3 or 4 o-clock. It is heavenly. I honestly don’t feel sleep deprived at all like I did with Isabelle. Somehow getting up for an hour in the night still makes it okay for me to mostly function the next day. With Isabelle I felt like I was desperate for whatever I could do to last for the next two or three hours.

Lincoln hates being cold. He loves being in the bathtub but hates getting out. He is sooo impatient. When he wakes up in the night to eat I have approximately 60 seconds to change his diaper before he freaks out and goes all defcon 5 on me. Seriously the baby can scream when he wants to. 

Isabelle loves her brother. Lincoln loves his sister. She is always watching out for him and hugging him and bringing him toys and stuff. She says stuff like, “Don’t cwy baby linc.” and “He is fussy he need his milk.” He is the happiest smiley round baby. He makes me laugh with his giggles. He is trying to sit up on his own, loves to stand as much as he can, just trying his best to grow and be strong. 

If I had a dollar for every time someone says ‘he looks just like his dad’…

It’s hard to remember our family before him. Love you, baby Linc!

3 thoughts on “Lincoln- 4 Months

  1. Awww – I love how you word things (how many times do I say that? I mean really).ANd half the time I think to myself, 'Oh I know what she is talking about!'. He is cute! Your posts make me less scared to have another baby…almost. Your kids are adorable, and you are beautiful! 🙂 LOVE EM ALL!


  2. something funny, because I'm one of those million dollars who says how much he looks like Jazz… he actually has your eyes, accept for the blue parts, of course! :o)


  3. He really is just too cute!


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