Well I feel like I’ve joined the rest of the world.

Jazz bought me an iPhone for Mother’s Day.

Those of you who see me regularly know that I dropped my driod just after Christmas and it cracked. Not like one crack, like a giant bird hit a windshield kind of crack. Luckily it all still worked (mostly) and I hate paying for stuff when I don’t have to so I didn’t get a new one. Last Saturday, Jazz emerged with a wrapped box from the garage after telling me he was working on my mother’s day gift for a few nights in a row. Inside was a tiny piece of wood, painted and detailed to look like an iPhone. I angry-laughed and then called him a turd for teasing me… until he pulled the real iPhone out of his pocked and I squealed.

An iPhone! Um so can I just say, I have been pretty loyal to Driod for a while now, years in fact, and I couldn’t imagine not having a full keyboard to text with. Let me make this clear, I WILL NEVER EVER GO BACK TO ANY OTHER PHONE EVER AGAIN.

It’s fast! Its so easy to navigate! It has Suri! The touch keyboard is perfect! Maybe the best part is the camera. Driod’s camera had a good 3-5 second delay, which was no big deal when you are taking pictures of flowers or dead things that don’t move but anytime I tried to take a picture of my babies it was like blur city. Always. So frustrating. The iPhone takes pictures FAST. I always saw people taking pictures with their iPhones and I thought, “waste of time, stop doing that, they won’t turn out,” but they DO.

As a result, I am addicted to Instagram. So, people, I need your usernames so we can be camera friends. Sidenote, Isabelle calls the singular version of the word people as “peep.” I may never correct her. “Mom where is my peep?”


Linc can take a bottle of pumped milk now. Ask me if I cried, because I did. Girls are so dumb. No but seriously he is like a ravenous beast lately, I’m hoping it is a growth spurt because hotdamn. He eats constantly and would always eat extra if we offered it to him.We’ve been giving him a little extra at night when he seems still hungry, then I pump before I go to bed so I can keep up. (Nursing should be a full time job. seriously.) Guy at costco tonight after I told him Lincoln is only four months, “Whoa there he looks like he’s about ten months!” Yep, he’s a chunkster!

2 thoughts on “iFrenzy

  1. Glad you now have the best phone in the world! I will never have anything else. I am obsessed with my iPhone!


  2. Love that baby boy! What a cutie.


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