too cute not to share.

Last weekend we celebrated Madilyn turning four years old. I guess three seems like a toddler to me and four seems like BYE MOM I’M GOING TO SCHOOL. I’ll die! Anyway that party was way over the top fabulous, all the details were so cute and I took about a million photos. These were too cute not to share.
It was a Tangled party and we were requested to wear our princess best. 

To my surprise, she won the musical spot game, bless her tiny confused soul. And she bowed. 

All the other kids are eating cake and Isabelle is eating lemonade with a spoon. That’s my girl.
Madilyn requested a crown for her birthday and I couldn’t find any that I liked so of course I turned to my bff felt and made one. I love felt. 

Birthday girl. aka Birthday Princess.

1 thought on “too cute not to share.

  1. i think isabelle and i would get along. she seems like a unique spirit. i thinks she might dress up like a superhero at walmart.


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