not napping.

So yesterday I put Izzie down at 1:15 like normal. We spent the morning running around at Turtle Bay with her cousins, had some peanut butter and jelly, a little Ariel, and time for bed. Like always we did the whole routine- potty break, two stories, sing 5 ducks, recite abc’s, chapstick to all her babies, tuck in, gate up, door closed. It’s quite the process.

I laid with her for about ten minutes while Linc finished a nap. As soon as he started crying I said goodnight and left my sleepy baby to fall asleep. Or so I thought.

Ten minutes later, I hear her door open. She’s up. I confiscate Olivia and Leilani for a two minute time out. She isn’t supposed to get out of bed.

Ten minutes later, her door opens again. She needs a drink because there is a hair in her mouth. Okay, I can deal with that.

Ten minutes later she has to go potty, so I take her potty. It’s almost two pm now. Lincoln is hungry, so after I tuck Isabelle in for the FIFTIETH time I nurse Linc.

It’s finally quiet. I’m relieved.

After I finish feeding Lin, it’s almost 3 o-clock. I just peek in her room to make sure she isn’t too hot and as I open the door, there she is, on the floor.

She had pulled down her basket that I used to keep diapers in. Grabbed the lotion, and WENT TO TOWN.
“I do wotion mom! Wotion”
It was too funny for me to be angry at her, seriously I laughed so hard and grabbed the camera. She was so proud of herself for doing it on her own and was trying to rub it all in to her skin which would have been impossible. We had a quick afternoon bath to wash off her layer of goo (even in her hair) and by 3:15, she was sound asleep in her bed, only two hours after I originally laid her down.
Aaaaand that’s my kid.

1 thought on “not napping.

  1. This is brilliant! I had the same thing happen with poop. NOT CUTE AT ALL.


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