toilet talk.

It’s happening!

Isabelle is semi potty trained.

We had a couple good days of training last month but then we decided last minute to go to Disneyland and it just wasn’t a battle I wanted to fight on vacation. So last weekend, both Jazz and I were home to help and had a free schedule, Isabelle was willing and we said LET’S DO THIS THING.

Jazz had purchased a tiny toilet seat at Lowe’s. At first I was like no way is that going to be in my guest bathroom but then I realized how awesome it is. It’s basically a tiny toilet seat that magnets up into the large toilet seat when not in use. Trying to balance Isabelle on the big toilet with Linc in my arms was tricky, and she couldn’t really sit by herself because she was petrified she was going to fall in. And really, who wants to clean out a frog shaped trainer toilet all the time.

Yep it looks like this.

Anyway, it has been awesome. It even pops off easily so I can clean it or remove it when normal size human beings are visiting. She can climb up and sit and go by herself and put the lid down and flush while I stand outside and watch because, “I DO IT MYSELF, MOM.”
This is what we did, mostly so I can remember how to do it next time. Although I hear that boys are entirely different, so.
Diapers, gone. Out of her room. I thought pull ups were lame but she can actually pull them down and back up and it saves me from bringing an extra dress and shoes to church in case of an accident when she is away from us in nursery or something. Day one we got all excited! Then I fed her liquids all morning long and took her to the potty every ten minutes. EVERY. TEN. MINUTES. Like, set the kitchen timer. We read stories on the potty and eventually she would go, so I think she got used to the feeling of having to go. I have to credit her though because she is really smart and she basically potty trained herself.
She gets one jelly bean for going potty and three jellybeans for doing the other thing. I’m not typing it out, you know what I am talking about. She has been AWESOME and seriously has had maybe three accidents all week. None of which involved the “other thing” I speak of. 
She is really excited about it. Like I said, she can do it all by herself and doesn’t want help from me (though sometimes I insist. Hygiene.) And when she follows me into the bathroom she said, “Oh mom, I so proud of you! You get a jellybean!” Makes me laugh.
Also this morning she called Lincoln her sweetheart. I about DIED. 
Now we are to the point where I occasionally ask her if she needs to go potty, especially if it has been awhile, otherwise she just tells me when she has to go and she runs in there. Yesterday she had to go, and I was nursing Linc and she said, “Mama, you stay wiiight here and feed baby Linc. Don’t come in or you be in twouble.”
Guess she has picked up a few mom tricks!

1 thought on “toilet talk.

  1. I am so impressed! If you knew the amount of pee on our carpets from a certain boy who DOES NOT GET IT AT ALL, you would cry. And puke. And offer me money to replace the carpet.


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