our kids are awesome.

Well- here are a couple videos because I don’t have time to upload real pictures and write a real blog. You take what you can get, right? If videos are not your thing, do not proceed. For our friends and fam far away…

This is Lincoln rolling over like a little rolling champ. One day last week I had just nursed him first thing in the morning and I plopped him down on the floor so I could tidy for a minute before The Diva woke up and just then he rolled. I was tickled PINK that I witnessed it first hand and that I didn’t miss it! He just did it, bam, like an old pro. He can do it from his back to his tummy but not his tummy to his back yet. He gets stuck and it makes him SUPER angry. We caught him with the camera the next day.

Next slide please.
This is a cute little clip of Isabelle making Lincoln laugh. Again, first thing in the morning, we were all eating our cereal together and he was just cracking up over nothing. He is seriously the happiest baby ever, will smile at anyone. Bonus- me without makeup. You are welcome.

And finally, Isabelle doing her ABC’s. Now, this one is AUDIO ONLY mmkay? She likes to recite them before bed and we have yet to bribe her well enough to do them on camera for us, so Jazz used his phone to capture the sound. Again, THERE IS NOTHING TO WATCH. So just turn your sound up cause it is cuuuuute. My favorite part is the end when she says “next time won’t you sing with ISABELLE SHAW SORENSENNNN!”
And now I can’t center the videos CMON I DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR THIS. Whatever.

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