Lincoln at 3 Months

Three months already! I couldn’t quite get the normal camera angle that I usually get because I dropped my lens on Easter and it is having issues with the shutter. Awesome. Had to get my zoom lens out which makes it harder to get a far away shot. Anyway. I’m an idiot.

Lincoln is such a good baby. Have I mentioned that? Such a good baby! He is getting good and chunky now, really a solid little guy.

Linc still eats every 3 hours during the day and pulls out all the stops at night- usually sleeps 9:30 to about 4 am.  I told you he was a good baby! He loves to fall asleep with his blanket on his face or something soft around his cheeks, makes him happy. Also, he is kind of a mamas boy, definitely goes to sleep faster/ without a fight when I am holding him. Sorry Jazz.

He is wearing size 3-6 month clothes, size two diapers, and is 13 pounds and change.  We had to take him in to see his pediatrician last Monday because he lost his voice.  Have you ever heard a hoarse baby cry? It’s like the saddest thing ever. I was concerned he was having some reflux issues and sure enough, he is. Our doctor recommended to feed him shorter more frequent feeds (just what every mom wants to hear.) So far he has done WAY better just by stopping to burp him every 5 minutes instead of every ten minutes. Hoping he grows out of it.

Lincoln is such a happy baby. He doesn’t care who is talking to him, he will chat right back and give HUGE smiles. All the old people at church eat him up like a sandwich.

Also, can I just say.. nursing this baby has been a completely different experience than nursing Isabelle. I struggled with her from day one, in fact we started supplementing her in the hospital. I wrote a couple of posts how she just had a hard time latching and how eventually months later we had to switch her to Nutramagen, super expensive formula for sensitive tummys, and I always felt guilty I wasn’t able to nurse her the way I wanted to. Especially after having a c-section, I felt like that was strike two for me, another big failure. We later learned that she was tongue tied and we should have had it clipped when she was born, but we didn’t know. This time around I was DETERMINED to have a better experience and it has been so much better! Lincoln was just naturally better at it from the get go…That’s not to say that nursing isn’t hard or time consuming or painful, but just in case you had a difficult experience, IT IS POSSIBLE to have a different one the next time around. Lincoln has almost doubled his weight since he was born, we nurse basically on a baby-demand type of schedule which ends up being every three hours. It’s a big commitment for sure, I have never been able to be away from him for more than two hours at a time.. We haven’t had to supplement him and he has never had a bottle. Three months doesn’t seem like a long time, but realizing I have nursed him over 1200 times is a big deal to me and I am so proud of my body for sustaining another human being. Anyway.

When Lincoln is tired and I swaddle him in the patented Miccolene Double Swaddle, he gets a paci and nestles in the nook of my arm. His little burrito body wraps around my extra fluffy chest like we were made for each other. He fits perfectly in my shape, his head burrows into me and his eyes start to flutter like he is in his own personal heaven. I’m so thankful to be his momma. Every single day I am so thankful to be a mother.

Are his eyes blue or what!

Are we the only ones that burp babies like this? My friend thinks I’m weird.

Yes I am aware the bumbo is pink. 
And just in case four hundred pictures weren’t enough…

4 thoughts on “Lincoln at 3 Months

  1. Freakin' adorable. And the video? Holy crappola, I love the squeaky little laughs. SO sweet. And, P.S. we burped our babies with the “chin hold” position. It's the best.


  2. Grandpa (Uncle) Sam is perhaps the inventor of the “chin hold burp.” I used to just crack up when he'd get ahold of a little newborn, sit them right up on his knees, and proceed to make them burp. BUT, I stopped laughing when I saw how well it worked.


  3. I love the pictures – and that video is to die for! 🙂 What a sweetie pie.


  4. Already??? I need to meet him! Glad nursing is easier this time around! I burp my babies like that too. I also do it like that at work!


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