Easter festivities

I wouldn’t be a proper blogger if I didn’t put up some pictures of my babies in their Easter outfits. We had an Easter Egg Hunt at my parents’ house on Saturday morning and the weather was really perfect. Plus, I found the Golden Egg (in the pool!) which once again confirms the fact that I am the favorite child.
Special thanks to Grandma Bobbie for this dress!

Once we got outside and she figured out what to do there was no stopping her.

Aaaaaand thats my mom. 

Pretty much the best picture we got before Isabelle realized that Kira was pilfering her basket. 

Me with my children that look nothing like me.

Going through her treasures.
Easter morning is kind of like a mini Christmas morning. I mean, we have to set crap up the night before and tell her some strange mythical person is coming to bring her treats…that pretty much goes against everything we teach her about accepting stuff from strangers. As she pulled things from her basket she exclaimed “My favorite!” and held everything to her face. After she had opened everything, she was so pleased that she picked up a tiny 2-inch decorative Easter bunny and said lovingly, “Oh, sank you Easter bunny, sanks very much!” then proceeded to feed it fish crackers in her doll high chair.
After that, we had pancakes and dressed everyone up for church! Boys are so much easier than girls.

Tiny man overalls! 

Special thanks for Grandma Cindy for this dress. Between the two grandmas, we don’t buy many clothes for her.
Church was a circus, as always, but we made it back in time for ham and potatoes at my parents’ house. Love me some honey baked ham. OH and bonus- we watched the 1956 version of The Ten Commandments. Really an excellent four-hour tradition.

Today we colored eggs, because I am a day late and a dollar short. She just wanted to keep putting the eggs back in over and over again until her fingers were pink and Lincoln was hungry.

Playing with dye = clothes optional.

Hope you all had an eggcelent Easter. See what I did there. With the egg thing. I need a nap.

3 thoughts on “Easter festivities

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  2. The Easter Egg hunt looks so fun! I love that Isabelle and Madilyn always hold hands, kill me it's so cute.


  3. Your mom makes me laugh! Loved their Easter outfits!


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