Isabelle at 2 1/2

This is for SURE my favorite age. FOR SURE. I know I keep saying that but this stage is blowing my mind, it is so much fun. Her voice is so special.

Isabelle is such an independent soul, she is constantly telling me, “I do it myself!” Then she has to undo whatever I have done so she can do it herself. That includes putting on her shoes or taking off her coat or brushing her teeth or anything.

She continues to be extremely sweet. Always says please and thank you, though it sounds like “sank you” coming out. When Lincoln got his immunizations, she sobbed because she was so sad he was crying. The nurse had to take her into the hallway for a sticker to fix things. Right when we got home, she got Leilani for Lincoln to sleep with…she is so thoughtful. Anytime he is crying she says, “oh, he need his milk.” And when he has a bad diaper, she says, “He has stinky pooh!” which makes me laugh every time.

She loves to play pretend, put on a tutu, and have a tea party with her babies. When something is missing she puts her hand on her hip and her finger on her lip and says, “Hmm, where could it be.” She has learned to say holy cow but it comes out “oh my cow!” She loves to help- always wants to sit on the kitchen counter and mix or stir whatever I am doing. She is a great eater- her favorites are french fries, broccoli, cheerios, V8 juice, and anything with sauce. She uses the term “favorite” all the time. Strawberries are my favorite! Olivia is my favorite! Pink juice is my favorite!

She has started singing lately, all on her own. I had no idea she knew so many songs until she just started singing them one day and she knows all the words! Popcorn popping on the apricot tree, Jesus wants me for a sunbeam, The ABC song, Spider song. Also, she loves the Spoonful of Sugar song from Mary Poppins..she just repeats “Medicine go down..medicine go down..” over and over. And she can count to ten! She knows a handful of colors, and if she doesn’t know it she just assumes its blue.

She calls her forehead her rainbow. When we are doing pretend makeup, she says, “Some for my wips, some for my cheeks, some for my wainbowww.” When we were down in Disneyland she picked up an ariel barbie doll in the store and proclaimed, “FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!” She definitely has us figured out.

I’ve mentioned before she knows I am semi helpless when I am feeding Lincoln. I mean, if she was in danger I would for sure get up, but she knows she can get into the pantry and get out a fruit snack without me taking it away. She is very sneaky. Today after I fed Lincoln I found her stuck on the counter in the bathroom, pulling all the floss out, yards at a time. We have implemented the count to five timeout thing for her and it seems to be working when she is especially defiant or super not listening. She also hates to pick up her toys.

She continues to be the light of my life and my best little friend. So thankful she is in our family. 

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