6 Weeks

Raise your hand if you are 6 weeks.

Can you believe the difference in only 6 weeks? I mean, his head is gargantuan now. I think he is going through a growth spurt because he basically wants to eat all the time. Eat, play, sleep, repeat. Mostly though, eat.

Lincoln is growing out of clothes right and left. He is still wearing his newborn onesies but barely, and he is moving into his size 0-3 items. Somethings he didn’t wear very much and I’m like wait! Wear this one again! Just for a little while!

My arm tastes delicious..

Lincoln does not love tummy time. He really likes being on his side, and usually if he is on his back he will flip to his side just for fun. He also does not like his carseat very much either unless he is already asleep when you put him in it which pretty much never happens. “The Transfer” is hard no matter what. He seems to calm down if I talk to him, or even if Isabelle talks to him which is pretty much the cutest thing ever. She says, “Don’t worry linc, we almost home. It’s o-tay.”

Isabelle put the mr. potato head hat on him. Dapper!
And the big news this week is that Lincoln is SMILING. Not just in his sleep- like authentic look-me-in-the-eyes happy kind of smile. He’s done it now for me and Jazz and my mom so I have witnesses. This is a sleepy blurry smile but look how cuuuuute.
Isabelle always wants to hold him for about four seconds then she says, “I all done.”

Sometimes I really do nibble his cheeks, just a little bit because he is so soft and he smells so good. This time is passing too quickly.

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