surprises in the night

Welp. Izzie can’t be perfectly sweet all the time.

For about the last week or so, Isabelle has decided to get out of bed whenever she feels like it. 11 pm, 3 am, 6 am, it doesn’t really matter… she doesn’t discriminate. Remember we have her in a twin bed with a rail on it so she can’t fall out if she rolls around. For 6 weeks after we transitioned her she had no idea she could actually get out of bed on her own which was DELIGHTFUL.

Now, I’m not sure what the deal is. We do the whole song and dance bedtime routine…extra drink, read stories, sing songs, plug in the humidifier, make sure all of her four hundred dolls and stuffed animals are tucked in… 5 minutes later she pops her head out to say hello. Not okay, kid. THEN just for fun, if she hears me up in the night with Lincoln she’s like hey wheres the party and why was I not invited. I’m surprised actually, because we are really quiet most of the time and it’s not like I turn on a bunch of lights. She parades herself out with Olivia and sits in her chair like it’s time to get up which it is CLEARLY not. If I’m not already awake, she comes into my bedroom and throws Leilani on my face. She doesn’t say anything, shes like a stealthy ninja just waiting to scare me to death. We take her back in to her room and try to explain that it isn’t time to get up, the sun is still nite nite etc. Didn’t really do much. Up for hours.

So, mom suggested we put up a baby gate in her doorway. That way, if she needed us for something important, she could open her door and holler at us, but she couldn’t wander around on her own. It worked beautifully for about two nights. Gate went up, she understood she couldn’t get out of bed, and voila. Peaceful sleep.

Then she started to get up (at all hours) and holler at us until we came to see what she needed. I mean, HOLLER. MAMAAAAA. MAMAMAMA. MAM. Then if I’m not coming, she says DAAAAD. DADAD. DAD! I AWAKE!

Yes kid, we can hear you, we know you are awake.

She is definitely getting fed enough, so shes not hungry, and she never asks for a drink so I don’t think it’s that either. I’m afraid….. she is napping to long.

And my life is over.

She naps at 1:30 everyday for about two hours. Sometimes two and a half. You other moms know it is like the magical time, especially during a difficult day or following a late night. You LIVE for the nap. Disclaimer, not that I don’t love hanging out with her because I DO. But most other jobs get ten minute breaks every two hours, and an hour off for lunch and I’m just sayin everyone needs some time to themselves. KnowwhatImean?

Last night was the best. Lincoln woke up at 3 and I went out to the family room to nurse him… I noticed Izzie’s hallway looked bright for some reason and I thought Jazz maybe had opened her door before he came to bed so I went to shut it so she wouldn’t hear me. Nope, Isabelle was wide awake playing dolls and putting toys in a plastic bucket. Hadn’t made noise, hadn’t yelled for us, just wanted some play time. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. At least she was happy!

So.. is it her nap? Is it too long? Should I wake her up after an hour? She is kind of like waking a hibernating bear. She hates being woken up (like mama like baby) and then she is SUPER grumpy after that so it’s not like its my favorite option. I know she is tired, probably from being up a good portion of the night so she falls asleep for her nap in approximately six minutes. She loves to nap. I love to nap. I love nap time. Any other ideas?

Her goal is to run away from me as much as possible. 
How Lincoln rolls. Even his ear is cute.

3 thoughts on “surprises in the night

  1. Hi Micci,Here is my opinion. And keep in mind, it is just an opinion so you can take it for what it's worth. I think all kids go through this when they switch to a “big kid bed.” My kids found out immediately that they could escape and would, other kids didn't realize it til later. But I think it's not a sign that she is ready to give up naps, but she is just adjusting to the new sleeping conditions. Most of my friends (and myself included) had kids who went through a period around Izzie's age where we thought they were ready to give up napping, but it was really just waiting out their transition to a big kid bed. I always ended up having to take all toys and books out of their room until they learned that their room was for sleeping, not playing. And I always used a baby gate too. Anyways, I bet she still needs to nap, it's more that if you give her some more time and take fun things out of her room she'll sleep through the night again. That's my opinion anyways! For this very reason I am keeping August in her crib as long as I can. 🙂 I couldn't do that with the other two, but August is my last so I am going to milk it as long as I can.


  2. Maybe she just needs some alone time too and that's when she gets it. If shes getting enough sleep, I think its fine. Maybe a different story if she had to get up for school. We all need our time.


  3. I laughed so hard reading this! I'm with Callie on this one. Adi is almost 4 and is still undecided whether or not she's tired and needs a nap. She's not consistent by any means but she does so much better if she naps (don't we all?!) They are all different so it's tough to say. The one piece that is the same for all of them is that they do respond to consistency. I agree that it's an adjustment, she's found some autonomy and wants to do her own thing. The hard part is repeatedly saying no, turning the light back out and putting her back in bed (all while YOU'RE trying to sleep and tend an infant!) Who knows how long it will take but I'm certain that if yu remain consistent in your efforts, she will understand and find another boundary to push…it's what they do 🙂


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