already one month

It’s been one month already. One month with little Lincoln in our family… four weeks went by so quickly I can hardly believe it. Lincoln continues to be such a good baby, pretty mellow and happy. He eats every 3 hours during the day, last feeding at 9 pm and then not again until 3 am like clock work. I usually sleep from 10:30-3, and then 4:15 to 7:30. Pretty good, right? I think I’m getting more sleep now than the first 8 months of Isabelle’s life. Let’s be honest though, I still try to nap if I can- the triple nap in our house is a rare feat but it can be done! Oh I love to sleep.

So far we have gone on walks, to the park, to target, and to visit dad and grandpa at work on Valentine’s day (with donuts!). That’s pretty much all I can handle right now doing the solo outings. So much to drag around, and such a short window of time before you gotta hook the baby back up. Every day this week I think today is the day I get groceries. And then I don’t. And we have frozen food or noodles for dinner.

Lincoln loves his bath, and he loves to be swaddled but NOT until he is asleep. Don’t even try it. When he wakes up and is hungry he is super impatient, like WHY IS NO ONE FEEDING ME. I usually hurry and change his diaper but he cries every time until he gets what he wants. Just like Isabelle, he does this frantic shark face when he is hungry and it’s so funny. He is growing out of his newborn clothes! I bet he is maybe 9 pounds? Ish? Moving into his 0-3 clothes, and he is in size one diapers.

jowly cheeks

blue steel

Getting chunky!

 Isabelle continues to be awesome at being the big sister. So far she hasn’t been jealous or angry or anything. She says, “I wuv baby linc.” She wants to do anything he is doing. During tummy time she gets her own blankie and lays down next to him and puts her arm around him. Kills me.

She has since gotten a haircut. Mullet = gone.

We were at church last Sunday and made it through all three hours. Basically, it was like getting a gold medal at the religious Olympics. I jokingly told Jazz we are good for at least another month or so now… anyway I was waiting in the hall outside of Sunday school for Lincoln to be really asleep before I went in and this sweet elderly lady came over. She congratulated me and asked about the new baby. Then she leaned in close and said, “Don’t be alarmed but I’m going to smell him.” And she bent her old little body down and put her nose close to his head and closed her eyes and inhaled a big breath of newborn baby smell. And for one minute I didn’t see her as old or frail but just like me, a mother, her baby rearing time long gone. We were two women sharing a moment over a new special spirit- there is nothing like the scent of fresh new baby and I don’t blame her for wanting to remember how that felt.
For as long as I live I will never forget that moment. And I hope when I am 75 the memory of the quiet moments with my babies will always be fresh in my mind. If not, I hope some young mother will let me smell her newborn.

1 thought on “already one month

  1. I want to snuggle that precious little boy. Why are you so far away?!


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