more stuff about babies.

Well, I officially have nothing to blog about besides my babies. Plural, cause I have two of them now ya know.

I am slowly feeling like we are finding a new sense of normal.

Normal includes waking up in the middle of the night to spend some time with baby Linc. Or waking up to Isabelle throwing Leilani on my face.

Normal includes putting on clean yoga pants after a shower. A brief shower.

It includes baby barf down my cleavage and diapers too many to count.

Also includes making dinner with one hand and rarely using the restroom alone. (Is nothing sacred!)

I inhale my food at most meals. Inhale.

My hair is on a permanent wash second day schedule.

I find that we make a plan, usually every other day to make some venture out of the house. Too many consecutive outings make me tired and my brain explode. It helps to pack the diaper bag the night before with anything we might possibly need ever. For my two babies.  I’ve learned to park by the cart return and NOT the front of the store- it doesn’t matter how sweet of a parking spot it is if you have to carry an infant in a car seat and a 30 pound squirming toddler across the street. Then I’m just sweaty.

Always feed Linc right before we leave or we may as well not leave at all. Even then, I took him to TJ Maxx the other night and got a whopping 30 minutes before he was all, yo mam feed me. He doesn’t love his car seat either. Could this post be any more random?

I can’t get everything done in one day. Like either the house is clean, but the laundry is all piled up. Or we got groceries! But failed to pick up any of the toys. I can exercise! But can’t get dinner ready on time. There is never enough time in the day. Actually, I don’t have enough ENERGY to get the things done in the day I’d like to. And since I am a lover of sleep, that usually gets top priority. Am I right? Sleep trumps all?

Isabelle has figured me right out. She knows that when I’m nursing it’s not convenient for me to get up and take something away/pull her off the counter/chase after her. She gives me the most hilarious and infuriating look like ‘mom are you watching look what I can do!’ Most times it isn’t a big deal. Like the other day she pulled everything out of her dresser one by one and brought them out to show me. Then she said “I be riiight back I get one more thing!” It meant a lot a clean up for me later but at least it wasn’t a drawer of knives or pills or bombs. I’m a great mother.

Hi, I’m ten pounds already. Nbd.
PS: We are planning to bless Lincoln in church on March 4th at 11:00 am. All of our friends and fam are welcome!

2 thoughts on “more stuff about babies.

  1. Living with 2 little ones takes on a new life element. Now, you can adjust to anything that will ever be thrown at you.Wish we could be there March 4, but we're going to Colorado Springs to help out Katz and gang.


  2. I am Queen Park Next to a Cart Return. Not only do you get to put your kids immediately on wheels, but you also don't have to be the tool who just leaves the cart. (People who do that and DON'T have kids or a physical limitation are on my hate list.


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