linc’s first bath

Lincoln’s belly button finally fell off after two weeks, but there was still some weird chunk thing happening so I asked our pediatrician about it when he had his checkup. She called it a granuloma, or a cluster of cells, whatever.. it happens to 1/500 babies. She zapped it with  a bunch of silver nitrate and it eventually healed up. Healed button = BATH TIME! He was seriously three weeks old already and the sponge baths can only do so much ifyaknowwhatimean. Plus Isabelle was really wanting to see the whale tub in action. (And we counted it as an activity for family home evening. Bonus!)

Have you ever seen a tinier bum?

So far the verdict is: bath time is awesome. Getting out is less awesome. Being cold while getting dressed is horrible.
Baby Isabelle on the left, Baby Lincoln on the right.

1 thought on “linc’s first bath

  1. So sweet. I couldn't wait to give Clara a bath and it took an entire month for her belly button to heal up! Drove me crazy. I love seeing pictures of your lovely family. ❤


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