Day 9 in Sac…40 Weeks +1

We are still here.
Me, Isabelle, and the ninja.
Yesterday was my 40 week appointment. All is still well- I’m more dilated and effaced than last week and the baby’s head was quite a bit lower as well. ALL GOOD THINGS. There was a moment with the OB thought the baby had flipped and was breech and I said um scuse me no way please check that. But he was fine, head down, getting ready to come out.
So this is the part where we wait. I already feel quite a bit more uncomfortable than I ever did with Isabelle. I know I’m in early labor- I have quite a few contractions, my bones hurt, and there are other things which I will refrain from including on my blog. All signs point to imminent labor.  Statistically my best chance of having a VBAC is going into spontaneous labor, ie, no medical help. However, because I have had a previous c-section, I just can’t wait around forever. Lots of practices won’t let you pass 40 weeks, so I am grateful for the chance to make it to 41 weeks on my own. I don’t want to be induced but it’s only fair that I play by their rules if I want them to work with me. Monday, January 16th is eviction day if the ninja does not come before then.
If and when we induce, it will be very, very slow. I do not need my cervix ripened, so there is no need for a foley balloon or any cervix ripening agents, I’ve done that on my own. Good job, self! My options are to have them break my water or start a low pitocin drip. Neither sound good to me, and at this point I’m not sure which way I will go. Nothing is fun about pitocin…but breaking my water automatically puts me on a delivery clock..which was one of my problems with my past labor/delivery.
At this point I still feel calm and fairly optimistic about the whole situation. Just seeing so many signs of labor this time versus last time is encouraging and gives me hope for a good trial of labor. There is light at the end of the tunnel and I’m ready to be at the other side.
Isabelle’s been wonderful, despite not sleeping great slash not taking a nap today. REFUSED NAP. We almost lost Olivia last night at nordstrom’s rack and omg if that wouldn’t have been the devastation of the millennium. She slipped out of the stroller unnoticed, until I was strapping Izzie in her carseat and panic ensued. I told her that Olivia was lost and we had to go find her. She said, “oh no mom, I miss her! I miss O-wiv-ia!” We walked around the store until, there on the floor between some shoes Olivia turned up. Iz ran to her full speed and scooped her up and hugged the stuffing out of her exclaiming, “oh I was so worried!” Except she can’t say her “r” sounds. Close call.
We had lunch today at a fantastic crepe place with my bestie Leigh. Like a little piece of home, seeing a familiar face.. especially one that brings gift wrapped stickers. Isabelle was delighted. Tomorrow we have more exploring to do, more walking, though it is getting increasingly more difficult for me.
Once again, stay tuned.

1 thought on “Day 9 in Sac…40 Weeks +1

  1. Go, Micci, go go go!!!Go, Ninja, go go go!P.S. One of the options my midwife gave me to get my labor started with Brynja (my water broke on it's own, if you don't recall, which you probably don't…) was to use a breast pump. Not very fun, but it allows your body to create it's own oxytocin instead of pretend oxytocin called pitocin. (I'm sure you know all that, but I'm explaining for the guy that comes and reads your blog and sees this comment and says, “WHAT THE???”) It's worth a shot and you even have that option available at home for the next week until the big eviction date. 🙂 GOOD LUCK!!! Can't wait to hear about it!


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