Adventures in Sacramento, Vol. 3

My tag team partner has been here for the weekend. He arrived early Saturday morning and leaves tomorrow after my 40 week appointment. My 40 week appointment! It has been so nice to have my other half to help with Isabelle and take the load off.. I even got possibly the best pedicure of my life yesterday, all by myself!

Friday Isabelle and I toured the State Capitol building just for fun. We were by far the youngest patrons to visit, but it was still neat to see the senate rooms and where actual stuff happens. Isabelle knows I am slow and therefore she can run and get away from me quickly. Makes things interesting… even waddling has a top speed. Eventually we had to wander away from the slow moving tour and do our own thing.

Aaaaand those are the only pictures we got. The grounds are beautiful and I’d probably take her back again just to run around outside…That night we went to a delicious Italian place with my friend Whitney who lives in the area.. and I’m sure I talked her ear off because it was like Hey! An adult! Remember those! Thanks Whit. Saturday we spent our morning wandering Ikea and partaking of their meatballs. (PS: Lanny Mac- those Diem candies are no longer in stores. I stabbed the store worker.) Lots of walking = good for me and good for the toddler. 
Today we hit the Sacramento Zoo, despite warnings that it is very small and quaint. We found out for ourselves that it is indeed small and quaint but we still had a good time. Because it was Sunday, only a few of us heathens were in attendance so we had the place to ourselves. Isabelle touched a snake! Two snakes actually. Nobigdil.

Isabelle is obsessed with carousels. Seriously, anytime she sees ones she totally lights up and gets so excited. There is one at the Arden Fair Mall we have been frequenting… though last time I got kicked off because I was pregnant. Apparently they didn’t notice before? Not sure if I should be offended or flattered.
Anyway, Iz was so concerned for all the animals at the zoo. If she couldn’t see one, or it was laying down, she said, “oh, he go nigh nigh.” Like, they were sleeping. Then she wanted to let all the animals out. “They come out now? I want them out.” We asked but they wouldn’t let us open the cages… go figure.
Today was the first day that Isabelle asked to go home. I told her we were headed home to the sacramento house– and she said, “no I don’t want sacramento house. Go home.” And my heart broke. Because even though it is a great adventure for us, I can tell she misses her people and her bed and her own stuff. She put her shoes on last night, grabbed her pretend purse and said, “I GO TO GRAMMAS. NOW.”  I know it is selfish of me to keep her here but I think the trade off will worth it. She has been such a good girl this whole time, such a trooper and I know she will be happy to be home. (Whenever that may be.)
Tomorrow is my due date, January 9th, and it seems surreal it is actually here. It always seemed so far off because of the holidays and everything, and now that its here I feel like I will be pregnant forever. This week we are doing *surprise* more walking. If all is well with my appointment in the am, Jazz heads home tomorrow. I planned a lot of our events for last week and now I’m running out of stuff to occupy our time. We will definitely go to the park again, and back to Fairytale town. More walking at the mall and a trip to babies r us in roseville.
Unless of course, we have a baby.

3 thoughts on “Adventures in Sacramento, Vol. 3

  1. We miss you guys! Dinner at the folks was not the same. And Madilyn keeps asking when we get get to see Izzi again. Hope all is well we are thinking of you!


  2. I am on a mission to find the “Diem” candy. That is seriously, IT.


  3. I am still laughing at the fact that it states that your baby is now 2 days old. And your still pregnant. I know it's not nearly as funny for you but it made me laugh. Hopefully the little man will make an appearance very soon!


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