Adventures in Sacramento, Vol. 2

Today is our fourth day on our adventure in the big city and we are starting to settle into a routine. Wake up, eat, bathe and get ready, go explore something, home for lunch/nap, playtime, food, do something, bed. I don’t stay up very late because I’m a hundred months pregnant and all this being alive stuff is exhausting. It is slightly weird living somewhere unfamiliar- thankfully we have a garmin because without it I would literally find nothing. Though sometimes I think the garmin plays jokes on me and sends me in circles.. could just be all the one way streets downtown. Also I’m super thankful we have laundry in our place- every other day I do a tiny load of whites and a tiny load of colors to make sure we have the maximum outfits clean. My OCD personality likes having everything clean just in case of you know, like.. labor.

Yesterday we went to Southside Park, which is only like ten minutes from where we “live.” The weather is beautiful-especially for this time of year, which I am grateful for so we don’t go stir crazy in our cozy living space. There are parks all over the place here, some better than others- though we would pretty much be set with a slide and a swing. Isabelle’s FAVS. I have learned that most parks are dirty and Isabelle needs to wear her play clothes outside at all times. We are working through our hand sanitizer like nobody’s business.

This particular day Isabelle did not want her hair in ponytails. At all. no clip or bow or elastic. All day she kept saying that her hair was “cwazy” and that she “needs a haiwcut” and to “call lanece.”

We were driving yesterday and she dropped her Buzz figure on the floor where I couldn’t reach it. I told her I would get it when we stopped and she put her little head down all sad and said, “But… I MISS him.” Best ever.

This morning we headed to Fairytail Town to explore. For $4 a person, you get into this big park where everything is fairytail themed… lots of slides and stuff to climb on. Again, dirty, glad she was in jeans and not her white leggings. I’m learning. This place was recommended by a few of my friends and I’m so glad we went- Isabelle LOVED it. If we are still here next week we will go again. We spent 2 1/2 hours running around and by the time we got back in the car she was TIRED. Success.

We also stopped at Freemont Bakery on our way home to pick up a treat for after lunch. Iz got a cookie, I got cake of course. (Not a whole one.) It was delicious, of course it is gone already. Probably why my shadow looked like this today:

1 thought on “Adventures in Sacramento, Vol. 2

  1. Oh my heck and gosh!!! I love her and I can't wait to see her and give her a pretend haircut if she doesn't even need one yet!! She is the cutest! We miss you guys A TON! Please tell baby to hurry up cause we need you back here to feel normal again!! 🙂 I'm so glad you are updating this so we can see what you are doing while you are away!!


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