Adventures in Sacramento, Vol. 1

We are here. In Sacramento. Settled at our friend’s condo. So far so good!

Jazz helped us move down yesterday and did all the macho lifting up two flights of stairs while me and Isabelle explored. We brought 4 big plastic bins from Lowe’s- one for my clothes, one for Izzie’s stuff, housewares, and toys. I feel like things need to be semi-packed in case we have to flee the scene quickly, you know? Also the first time I typed that, I used the spelling ‘flea’. Nice, Micci. My hospital bag is also ready and remains in the car- I just need to grab a few toiletries on my way out. If and when I ever go into labor.

Today we started with cereal, gave Izzie a bath and me a shower, then returned a too-big Isabelle outfit to the rack. Right after that I was suddenly STARVING and the cuties I had in the car weren’t cutting it. A friend of mine suggested Chick-fil-A as a good stop with a toddler so we pulled in. You guys, how have I never been there before? Polynesian sauce? Tiny chicken bites? Play place? Diet Dr. Pepper on tap? I AM SO IN. We will definitely be hitting that up again. After our lunch, we went to the hospital for my 39 week appointment. All is well- still measuring on track and looking good. For those who care (warning, cervix chat coming up) I’m dilated to 2 cms and I’m about 60 percent effaced. My OB stripped my membranes and we were on our way. (Sorry you had to read that, mom.)

After Isabelle had her nap, we played here for about an hour (yay for new Christmas toys), had dinner and headed to the mall to walk this baby outta me. Isabelle got to stretch her legs, I got to window shop post-Christmas sales and I successfully did not buy a single thing. Did you hear that Jazz? Not a thang. Actually, by the time we stopped at the grocery store and got home, it was 8 o-clock and we were both super tired. I laid by her in bed and did our routine and she put her hand under my chin like I was a little puppy. I cry at the drop of a hat these days and every tender moment I have with Isabelle puts me right over the top. I know that everything happens for a reason, and I’m so thankful for this time I have to spend with Isabelle, just she and I, on our “adventure” in Sacramento. I can not believe how much I love this child.

We have plans to hit some local parks, explore the Capitol (literally across the street) visit Fairytale Town and the Zoo, and try a bakery or two. Best case scenario, the baby comes soon. Other case scenario- we will be here for almost two more weeks. (“I don’t felt far”…. name that show.)

So– just to recap: we are killing time in sac, doctors say we are good to go, wishin/hopin/thinkin/prayin. Will keep you posted.

4 thoughts on “Adventures in Sacramento, Vol. 1

  1. I find it awesome that you get Iz time before the ninja arrives. That is just so glorious.


  2. Seriously…you had never been to Chick-fil-A??? That is one of our favorites! So glad that you and Izzie get to spend some time together before the ninja oomes! Can't wait to see what else you do.


  3. dude… isabelle will Love the capitol! Griff loved it! We miss seeing you guys! Hurry up little baby “L” and get here already!!


  4. Today when I was trying to spell “sole” as in sole custody, I repeatedly typed “soul”. I guess I just needed a little funk in my life. Maybe you need a little Red Hot Chili Peppers? 🙂


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