Isabelle at 27 months.

2 1/4 years = SO MUCH FUN.

Can I just say that her transition to the twin bed has been (so far) perfection. She has been out of her crib for about two weeks now- and I guess she was just really ready because she has been thrilled. I was so worried about how she would react or if she would stop sleeping or just get out of bed a million times a night but honestly it has been the best adjustment ever.

She helped me shop for the sheets and the blankets…she went with us to the mattress store and laid on all the floor models. She helped bring the bed pieces into her room and assemble it. I think it really helped her to be excited to change beds instead of afraid of being out of her crib. We did our normal bedtime routine, got her settled and held our breath. And miracle of miracles, she went right to sleep.

The day we swapped out the beds, we hadn’t quite been planning to go through with it. I guess Isabelle knew though because when I picked her up from her crib after her nap, she let me hold her for a long, long time. She put her little head on my shoulder and we rocked and swayed around the room for a good ten minutes while she woke up. I didn’t know it was the last time I would get her from her crib- if I had, I’m sure I would have cried and cried because I’m just an emotional basketcase, especially about Isabelle growing up. Later that night, Jazz texted me that the crib was down and I was like but wait! She didn’t get a last nap! Or a last sleep! We didn’t say goodbyeeeeeee. Whatever, so emotional. I’ll always remember lifting her up over the railing after her nap and dancing around the room with her.

So far, she hasn’t once gotten out of bed. Even in the morning, she just hollers for us until we come and get her. She happily plays with her babies and her blankies until she is ready to get out. The best part about her being in a twin bed is that I can get in and lay right by her, read her stories and sing her songs. She plays with my hair and my face while we lie side by side until she is sleepy and I love it. When I get up to leave she says “Mama, STAY!” And omg if it isn’t so hard to leave her room and let her sleep… I could stay there forever.

Also, she has been extra lovely lately. We refer to her as the “Sabrina” of our family…Hugs and kisses, running to me with open arms, clinging to my legs, wanting to be picked up sometimes. She pats my back and pets my hair and strokes my arm.. I can’t get enough. She is really aware of the baby that is coming home soon. The other day she put her little hands on my tummy and said, “I hold baby?” I died. She knows where his room is and where he will sleep and that the clothes/toys/diapers are for the brother.

She can be so sweet when she wants to be but the girl knows how to throw a tantrum. Her latest thing is use of the word “now.” I want pink juice. I want pink juice NOW. I want show. I want show WIGHT NOW. Hard not to giggle when she is so serious. Occasionally she is so distraught she lays on the kitchen rug face down to pout. Then I can’t help but giggle.

She loves to go to my parent’s house and play. Sometimes I take her over there and she says, “g’bye mom,” like she wants me to leave. As if! She chooses one ponytail or two, depending on her mood. She likes me to curl her hair while she sits in the sink but the BEST ever is that she wanted me to paint her toenails. She sat so still while I painted them, then blowdryed them, then she sat in her pink chair for a good half hour to make sure they were totally dry. She will rip off her shoes to show her toes to anyone who will look at them. She also uses a teeny electric toothbrush and does a lot better brushing her own teeth from a stool in the bathroom.

Other stuff she says:

  • Be wiiiight back- when she leaves the room and then comes back
  • C’mon Jake- over and over the last week, trying to get Jake to chase her around
  • Wuv you too, mom- okay this melts my heart and turns me into a pile of goo
  • scuse me! or bless you! at the appropriate times.
  • holy cow, whoa nelly! when she is surprised by something
  • She counts “One, two, FIVE TEN” We are working on the middle numbers.

Tomorrow morning we leave on our “adventure” down to davis to set up shop until the ninja decides to grace us with his presence.  We’ve packed toys/books/puzzles/clothes and anything we could imagine that we might need in the next little while to get us through… I am (selfishly) kind of sad that the era of just me and Isabelle is kind of moving on. Is that bad? Like, I’m thrilled that our family is growing but I also feel guilty knowing I won’t have as much time to spend with her. I know we will be able to in the future..I guess I’m just thankful for every day I gave her 100 percent of my time.

My new year’s resolution- have a baby. In the next two weeks. Let’s do this thing.

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