merry and bright.

Hail, hail the gang’s all here! Of course, a family get together would not be complete with the burrito bandito. They even open up their extra room for us because we are basically a sports team of peeps.

Like her mama, Isabelle loves the ‘rito.

Shortly after that, we had a caroling/cocoa party at moms house with our friends and family. Yes we are wearing santa hats, it was a requirement.

Isabelle was not super excited about the whole idea. Mostly she was not thrilled she didn’t have a flashlight, and after that was fixed she was good to go. It was cooold though!

Then this morning we spent some time aggressively decorating gingerbread houses while we fulfilled our tradition of watching the Muppet Christmas Carol. Notice Isabelle is eating the candy. “One for the house, one for my mouth” kind of method. Very smart.

I was surprised actually how careful she was about candy placement. Very strategic. Again, more candy in her mouth.

Pretty soon the kids were done and the adults took over. (which was our plan all along…)

Our masterpiece. I would like to point out that Jazz created the fudge chimney all by himself.
Anyway, I’m so happy this weekend I just might explode. We are having SO much fun with everyone, Isabelle especially loves running around with her cousins. Right now she is napping (in her twin bed!) and I finished some Christmas Eve preparations- the stockings are hung from the chimney with care and we are so ready for tonight. I know I will have a hard time sleeping because I am THAT excited for Isabelle to wake up and experience Christmas morning.

We sure are missing our UT/PA Family though… Hope you all are having an equally as lovely weekend with those you love.  Merry Christmas Eve!

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