38 Weeks

Did you survive Christmas? Ours was epic- really so much fun..I need to sort through the elevendy billion photos we took of those few days. Isabelle was such a treat to watch and interact with- made everything that much more exciting. Anyway, post to come.

Yesterday I hit 38 Weeks. The beginning of the end.

The checklist of things to do is getting shorter and shorter. Get hair colored. Unback baby accessories. Wash crib bedding. Pack newborn baby clothes. Check check check. Have Christmas. Check! My due date is two weeks away, and although I am technically considered full term and could pop anytime, I don’t think we will be seeing this baby until he is good and ready. All of my doctor’s appointments have been smooth and I am still measuring right on track. Isabelle measured a week large, even though she was tiny… so who really knows. I did get out some newborn diapers and was blown away by the size. I thought maybe they were preemie by accident because they are just so teeny tiny. They make Isabelle’s size five diapers look like they are for shrek.

I’m definitely feeling it now..up to just a few weeks ago I was pretty comfortable and this is the part where everything makes me groan and say things under my breath like ‘oh good hell.’ And tons and tons BH contractions- like A LOT. Lots of trips to the bathroom in the night, which is fine because I’m awake anyway to rotate sides like a rotisserie chicken. I can’t really cross my legs anymore. Makes church interesting. Girls, buy LONG maternity skirts.

I relocate to Sacramento permanently on the 3rd- where we will stay until the baby is born. We are HUGELY in debted to our good friends who have let us stay in their fully furnished vacant condo in downtown Sacramento. We totally couldn’t do this without them… big answer to our prayers that they offered their wonderful space to us. I’m thankful I can carry this baby. I’m so thankful I have family who help SO much. I’m thankful for a reliable car and a safe carseat. I’m thankful for modern medicine and the opportunity to give birth at a wonderful hospital in Sacramento.

I held my friends 6 pound 1-day old baby boy this week and I was so jealous that hers is out and mine is still in and almost stole him. I did receive some puzzling looks walking through the hospital with my giant pointy belly like they weren’t sure if I needed help or just directions. I almost faked labor just for fun but I didn’t.

I’m so excited to meet this little baby boy I could burst. I hope I remember how to do stuff. It all comes back, right?

2 thoughts on “38 Weeks

  1. Nice prego journal. Brings back memories. You are doing great.


  2. You look so cute! I can't believe he is almost here!!!


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