it’s practically here.

Tonight the christmas festivities begin with the first wave of family arriving in town. More are coming tomorrow, and even more on friday. I’m so excited that 16 of us will be together for the holiday weekend- unless the ninja decides to join and then there will be an extra. Friday is caroling and cocoa, Saturday gingerbread houses and the crab feed, and Sunday is Christmas day. Hard to believe Christmas is here already! How many times can I say Christmas in this paragraph. Christmas christmas christmas christmas!

Every year Christmas gets more fun with Isabelle. This year she knows Santa is coming and she is excited to open her presents under the tree. I’m way more excited though to watch her experience the whole day. Why did no one mention it was going to be so much fun as the parent? We have carefully picked out her gifts and wrapped them with her little personality in mind..I’m so thankful we are able to provide for her and create this magical morning. My heart will totally explode.

Isabelle and I have been baking treats for our neighbors and friends, she is such a good helper. She likes to operate the mixer, add the ingredients and of course taste the frosting. “I have more mom? I have more!”

Also how did I forget to update about my pregnant sister? Surprise, it’s MORGAN! So pleased to share the news that Baby Williams will be joining our family in June. We are so thrilled and excited for Mo and JR.

2 thoughts on “it’s practically here.

  1. Ahhh Morgan! I didn't want to guess a newlywed in case they would take it as some sort of pressure, but I'm so glad it's her. And you get babies close in age, which is THE BEST!!! I hope she has a boy so she can get the pick of the Ninja's fresh hand-me-downs.


  2. Congrats to Morgan! That is so exciting. Isabelle looks adorable. I love how long her hair is getting. Love this time of year.


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