because she’s just funny.

This is how Isabelle fell asleep for her nap the other day:

Let’s count them: Mouse, Leilani, Alice, Tiny baby, and Olivia. And her pillow. In a pile.

Made me laugh. She’s such a funny baby. NOT A BABY. But, you know.
Also funny. Sunday we went to church like normal. It lasts three hours- the first hour ish Isabelle sits with us, and the remaining time she goes to nursery with the other babes. There are some very wonderful ladies that take care of them and it doesn’t make me worry, they even have a teeny window in the door so we can spy if we want to. Anyway, if Iz gets a “bad diaper” they bring her to us so we can change her.
About 5 minutes before our meetings were over, Jazz appeared in the door with Isabelle in his arm, needing the diapers and wipes to take care of business. He snuck to my chair, grabbed the bag, and was juuuuust about out the door when Isabelle turned around and loudly proclaimed, “I POOH.” Except she says it like “PEW.” A lovely lesson was being given on the subject of virtue… and there was nothing virtuous about my two year old’s interruption. I laughed so hard I cried a little bit.

3 thoughts on “because she’s just funny.

  1. I peeked in that little window on Sunday, just as a prayer was being said, to see Isabelle peering around at everyone . . . until right when the 'amen' was being said, and she super fast folded her arms and slammed her head down, looking totally innocent ~ it made me smile!


  2. She looks HUGE in that crib


  3. Kids say the darndest things! Such a cutie!


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