some park time

Well we sort of experienced a slow warm up to winter Last week it was 65-70 ish all week long and it felt like the summer time to me. Could be my built in incubator, I seriously am hot all. the. time. Because of this weather we’ve been able to be outside during the day quite a bit before it gets dark at basically 4 pm. There is this super park in our town, not technically in our neighborhood in fact it is sort of out of the way but it’s my favorite. Isabelle can climb and slide to her heart’s content and this time of year it isn’t very busy at all.

The OCD gene in Isabelle makes her “clean” the tiny bark bits off the stairs as she climbs up. She is so particular. I can’t help but really super enjoy the little time I have left of just me and Isabelle together… she is my only baby that will be the only child for any period of time- after this there will always be more then just one! I feel like this is the calm before the storm…

Also: Isabelle figured out she can take off her pants and diaper while in her crib. More to come on that.

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