Advent Calendar = best invention ever.

I’ve always wanted to do a fun advent calendar- I’ve been scouting out good ones for a while now, contemplated making my own (no no no) and once again, TJ Maxx came through with a solid. Isabelle was too little last year to understand/enjoy such a game, but this year she is TOTALLY into it. So am I.

So my mom found this gem for us at a totally affordable price. Have you seen the ones from pottery barn or land of nod? Crazy expensive. I wanted the doors to be big enough to actually put things into, and this was perfect.

I started collecting crap for it a few weeks ago- dollar bin stuff and sales, Christmas themed art projects and little special candies. I wasn’t sure if Iz would get it but it is seriously her favorite part of the day. PLUS. It makes her excited to eat breakfast in her chair since we get to open the calendar box right after.
Some items are too big for the box- like her Christmas plate and coloring book… I just made a paper ornament with the item written on it- she puts the ornament on the tree while I get the actual gift from the closet. Works perfectly.

After she opens the box and enjoys whatever is in it, she yells ANOTHER PRESENT and claps. It makes me so giddy for Christmas morning, I seriously can’t wait. Lucky for us, we have 18 more mini presents to open in the mean time! Random crap that is in there: a tiny slap bracelet, mini slinky, new crayons, santa paint set, mini m and ms, dumdums, a teeny tea cup, tiny felt purse, Christmas stickers, a new dvd, and paintable ornaments.

Christmas is so much more fun with a little person around.

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