Our Alice

Isabelle was dressed up as Alice in Wonderland for Halloween this year. We chose this because a) we spent time in Disneyland b) it has no hat/wings/tutu/weird accessories and c) she just looked adorable in it.
We got all ready and found her at the door with some random pair of sunglasses like LET’S GO.

We spent most of the evening at my mom’s house. This is HER holiday really, she goes all out and had a big sloppy joe dinner for our friends and family. Skeletons having a tea party on the porch? Check.

Aaaaaand my mom, Captain Jack. Really, does it get any better than this?
You know you are legit when you spend 30 minutes at the bead store picking out the exact perfect pattern for your fake beaded dreadlock.

We enjoyed sort of a low key evening since Iz still doesn’t really get the point of Halloween (candy!) and she wasn’t feeling great. I gave her a bath about 4 pm before she got into her costume and as I was cleaning one of her ears she said OW MAMA. She kept saying Grandpa, grandpa, and I finally connected it. I asked her if she wanted Grandpa to look at her ears (he does occasionally when we suspect an ear infection) and she said yes so we went to Grandpas house, where she obediently laid down on one side so he could check her ears. Sure enough, one ear was fine, the other had an infection. SMARTEST BABY EVER. We cruised through the empty safeway aisles at about 7 pm waiting for her prescription before hitting our three trick or treat houses. Success.

2 thoughts on “Our Alice

  1. My guess: Cindy was in character the whole night.


  2. “Alice” was adorable. Your mom wins the prize for best costume…she looked amazing. When I grow up I want to be just like her!


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