disneyland picture vomit

I took over 400 pictures on this trip, mom says thats about average for me. Out of the 400, I bookmarked 46 of them that I thought were too freaking adorable not to share with everyone in the whole wide world. Then I had to cut them down some more and this is what is left. Let’s be honest..probably close to 46. Just know it was hard for me to edit them down to this final list because I’m an over-sharer and a picture whore. Mom, sorry that I said whore on my blog.

We left late Wednesday night, our flight wasn’t until 9 pm from Sac and Isabelle was an amazing traveler. She received this owl backpack for her birthday and actually packed it full of stuff (okay I did that part) but she willingly carried it around the airport in her halloween jammies, her arms in the air because she thought it was going to fall off. I died.

Storybook ride. Or the one with the “BOAT”

Teacups was probably Isabelle’s favorite ride. We rode it a few months ago and she was like, eh I’m unimpressed… but this time it was like the magic ride from heaven. I could hear her laughing from the side- HUGE smile on her face.

Iz also loved Minnie’s house. Here she grabbed the door and said, “BYE MOM” and tried to shut it.
We did this slide only about 50 zillion times.

Merry-go-round, Isabelle’s other favorite. When it starts going she says, “Weeeeeeee!”

The second morning, we went to meet the Princesses. If you go, go early because the line gets crazy ridiculously long and moves slowly. We only had to wait about a half hour, which was super quick. Isabelle is Alice, Madilyn is Cinderella. We met Cinderella and Snow White and Madilyn was SO cute and animated/excited to see them. Isabelle was probably more excited to be matching ‘June.’

Friday night we picked up Jazz from the airport and it was SO much fun to have him there with us.

Isabelle’s cheese face.

This picture makes me want to BITE HER CHEEKS.
All of Isabelle’s cousins on her Sumsion side… did I mention the whole family came? 

This was one of my favorite moments of the whole trip. Isabelle, totally wiped out, asleep in her stroller with her hand tightly wrapped around her balloon string. Seriously, it was so cute.
Well, here we all are. SIXTEEN OF US. This was the last morning together- sad- but I’m so glad we paused for a family picture. Not sure when we will all be together again!

Family picture..there are technically four of us there! So weird! I think I kept up pretty well considering my giant 30-week pregnant body. I’m super good at waddling, plus now I think I know the location of every single bathroom in the park. My dad wore a pedometer and clocked over 30 miles walked for the weekend. THIRTY MILES. That’s more than a marathon!

Alright, so get this. On Sunday, we had until about 1:30 in the park before we had to go the airport. Isabelle fell asleep on the bus ride to our car. She stayed asleep when we moved her into the car, stayed asleep at the airport in the stroller, stayed asleep as we hauled her through security, from my shoulder to Jazz’s since we both had to be searched. (awesome.) She stayed asleep back in the stroller, all the way to the gate, LOADED ON THE PLANE, AND THROUGH MOST OF THE FLIGHT. That is how you know you have worn her to a frazz. It was awesome.

With so many of us at the park, we just split up into groups and did whatever we wanted. Then we would meet up for a corndog or some mexican food, swap the babies around and go for more rides. Grown ups had time to chat, the kids had TONS of fun running wild and climbing things, and by the end of the three days, I think we were all worn out.
The best part was having Jazz there to see how much Isabelle loves everything. This is Isabelle’s fourth trip to the park, but only her first with her dad. I am horrible wife/awesome mother. Even though it was only a few days, it sure felt like a great vacation with the whole family there.
Other highlights include:
     -Eating hot pancakes at a sticky-table diner at 8:30 pm
     -Lovely warm weather- no sweaters required
     -Isabelle’s first ticketed flight (thankfully! my lap is running out of room.)
     -Eating more treats than should be allowed.
     -Mom’s one-liners
     -1 corn dog, 2 churros, one bag of chocolate pretzels and a vat of caramel popcorn

2 thoughts on “disneyland picture vomit

  1. What a fun trip! I love that whole family went. Could Isabelle be any cuter. I love her clothes. Your hair has gotten so long and it is beautiful! Really how many times a year do you get to go to that wonderful place? We are going on Monday and I need all of the tips from you! We haven't been in years.


  2. Sure had a fun time having you guys down here! The cousins had a blast!


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