This is how I feel as of late. Blobbish. Suddenly I’m packin on the pounds like my life depends on it and even though I KNOW it is part of pregnancy and that this is to be expected, it’s still hard to deal with. I can literally gain two pounds in one day, easily. The problem is that I am hungry alll. the. time. Allthetime. Like an hour after my 3-egg breakfast I’m wondering what I can snack on because I feel like I haven’t eaten anything all day. Cereal always sounds amazing, but its basically empty calories and never ever fills me up so I’m only ‘allowed’ to have it once a week. Warm carby things sound good. Treats sound good. I can’t get enough chocolate which is weird considering it was disgusting the first half of this pregnancy. Anything pumpkin flavored? I’m totally in. I found white fudge oreos at Target this week, the first of the season I am sure, and seriously I have to ration them to make them last longer than one day. Even at 100 calories A PIECE they still hold a special place in my food heart.
You know what doesn’t sound good? Fruit, salads, vegetables. Healthy stuff. I’m drinking enough water to sail away on and it still doesn’t curb my rabid appetite.
I still have 9 weeks to go (probably more like 10) and if I continue like this I’ll be 400 pounds by the time we are finished here. Not to mention- we are rounding the corner on the holiday season which means treats treats treats.
I have to remind myself that I have gained considerably less than my first pregnancy. Less than half so far. But because I started out more than a few pounds cushier, I’ll likely hit my max weight again. SO MUCH FUN. The thing that bothers me the most is the Fat Face Syndrome. Fine if my belly grows and my legs expand and my hips span the grand canyon. Fine. But I hate that I’m getting twelve chins and that I suddenly have no facial profile.
Trying to keep in perspective: it doesn’t matter as long as baby/mom are healthy, it’s a temporary problem and will eventually fix itself, there are worse things than having 12 chins. (But really are there.)

4 thoughts on “blobby.

  1. Boys need more calories to develop than girls…For what it's worth 😉


  2. Crafty Play – is that true? Cause I believe it! Micci, when I was pregnant with Kelly, I was a bottom-less pit! It terrified me how much I could eat, and HOW often I needed to eat. Healthy stuff made me sicker than a dog. So I had a bad pregnancy menu. Even when I was hospitalized and didn't/couldn't eat for 4 days, I still gained 4 lbs that week. WTF? Being pregnant is hard. VERY hard. I think you look great! Baking a baby is hard work. Especially when your appetite is massive, and it only wants naughty food. Example? I could down an ENTIRE Cafe Rio burrito, and I was STILL starving as if I had just swollwed a cashew. Guh. No wonder I gained 100lbs with Kelly. 50% of it was swelling.. but still. And you get big and you feel so hideous/uncomfortable. I think your doing great though! Your beautiful (even though you dont feel that way). – Erin H.


  3. Wait…this post was about me…right?!! No baby here, just blob with a gut and no baby. Count yourself lucky that you get a bouncing baby boy.


  4. When I was pregnant with Jace, I ate fudge-sicles like there was no tomorrow! Seriously, I could eat 3 boxes a week!! I tried to switch to healthy fruits, but they just didn't satisfy me. Maybe the junk is a boy thing!


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