couple things, yo.

The Good

1. Halloween is up, officially.. the orange glow from the living room makes me happy when I return from my unpteenth night time bathroom trip.

2. We are going to Disneyland soon. I know, it’s ridiculous, we just went, but it’s our place. It’s our summer beach house and our winter ski resort and our weekend in the hamptons. Except it’s more of a hampton inn.

3. I took a nice long medium temperatured bath yesterday and read a magazine, cover to cover, and it inspired me for the holidays. The holiday season makes me so happy. Isn’t there a disorder for those who have a hard time tolerating winter? Is there an opposite one for those of us who hate summer? Because I think I have it. Cloudy skies and cold toes and soups and sparkly red things…thats where it’s at.

4. After tomorrow, the highest forecasted weather temp is a lovely 83 degrees. I can handle 83 degrees.

5. Hell is frozen, pigs are flying, Morgan started a blog. Follow her, because shes funny and also she works at this adorable bakery and sometimes we finish each other’s sentences. .

6. Isabelle is sleeping through the night again. Sort of.

The Bad

1. I am hungry all the time. All. the. time.

2. I want/need a pair of tall brown leather riding boots. But I have sizable calves to begin with, and I’m afraid towards the endish of this pregnancy they will grow to outlandish proportions and they won’t fit, so should I not buy them? 1st world problems.

3. We have made no progress on choosing a perfect baby boy name. Zilch.

4. My laptop has a very disgusting horrible persistent virus which my personal on call IT man has been working on for three days. Which means, an awesome phone picture for you.

The Ugly

Look what I can do. Kettlecorn shelf.

2 thoughts on “couple things, yo.

  1. Perfect baby boy name IS Zilch. Problem solved.


  2. Look at your family tree for baby name ideas. It might inspire an idea.


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