28 Weeks

Me: “Sometimes it is easier for me to get dressed when I’m pregnant.”

Jazz: “Why, because basically everyday you throw on a belt and call it good?”
Me: “Yeah, pretty much.”

Whats up, 28 weeks! Can I get a what WHAT for the third trimester! Holllllaaa! It’s really unclear to me when the actual third trimester starts, depending on what book/internet site/doctor you have but by week 28 it seems to be a general consensus that yes, it is the third trimester. I feel like I look the same-ish minus a need for a bang trim ON THE FLY. Why do they grow so fast, it’s obnoxious.

Isabelle is napping. the house is mostly clean, the dishwasher unloaded. The laundry is mostly done, even the dryer is free. I sometimesalways leave the last load (whites) in there for days. I have free time. I could be ironing or sewing baby things or cleaning more thoroughly or whatever but its my time of day that is peace and quiet and today I am using it to blog. I really like my life. I like our mostly predictable schedule, me and Isabelle together. I love our daily routine- it is comfortable now and I am so used to it the way it is. It makes me nervous for the time when this delicious phase is over. Is that so selfish? In 12 weeks, I know I will look back at these hours of free time and wish I had saved them in a jar for later use.

When Isabelle was born, and we brought her home, and commenced the nursing/burping/napping/poohing stage of our lives, I literally thought that I would never go anywhere again. I could not comprehend my life changing enough to allow me to shower and put on makeup every single day. Or go to Costco by myself. Or cook dinner that didn’t originate from a frozen bag.

But soon Isabelle started sleeping longer than 2 hour stretches. And sitting up by herself. And then she could scoot. Feed herself. Ask for things. Walk around the house. Run away from me. Just like that, she is more independent and I’m not afraid to run errands or get groceries or have play dates. Actually I can’t think of anywhere I wouldn’t take Isabelle with me. She does great at stores, at doctor appointments. Oh, I definitely wouldn’t take her when I get a treat pedicure = wouldn’t work. But mostly, we are free birds.

And today I’m sitting on my couch thinking about this ninja baby coming into our family and how it will change again. We will return again to the nursing/burping/napping/poohing stage of our lives, except this time we will do it while juggling our toddler. I know there will probably be days when I will whine and cry and not shower. We likely won’t get an A+ in church attendance for awhile (or ever.) My mind kind of explodes when I consider getting groceries with an infant in a carrier plus Isabelle in the cart.

But I’m betting that eventually the ninja baby will sleep longer than two hours. And he will learn to roll and sit up and do all the things that babies do. And pretty soon I’ll be sitting on my couch again with some free time wondering how I ever functioned without my two babies. And that sounds good to me.

…just because she’s cute, here is how Isabelle fell asleep today:

Yeahhhh it’s about time for a big girl bed.

2 thoughts on “28 Weeks

  1. Micci, you look great! I love the mantle too. Who cares about laundry in the dryer? I think you have the right idea to just enjoy your quiet time. I always took a nap up until the last time I could, then I had three kids and that was out the window. But I would go back and do that with my free time everyday if I could! Enjoy it. Best of luck in the third trimester. I hope you continue to feel great!


  2. Obsessed with your mantle! Really when are you going to come decorate for me? Your lives will get turned upside down again for a little bit and then you figure out 2 just like you figured out 1. Crazy at times, but totally worth it!


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