A Teeny Tiny Two Party

Isn’t it fun to have something to look forward to? I’ve been thinking about Isabelle’s birthday for a few months and it was so fun to do some projects and plan a party for her. I do love me a good party. I got the idea for the Tiny Two theme from the internet/blogs/pinterest and thought it would be perfect for Isabelle.

These were the tiny invitations to the party- they measured about three inches tall! I had them created on etsy and then printed them here to save some money.

Of course, I had to do something for the front door so I made a tiny yarn wreath with purple flowers. I also made about a bazillion buntings from scrapbook paper or felt glued to ribbon.

This was the table o’ food, which we set up the same as last year. I was in such a hurry to take pictures as the party started some of the food is missing from the table, but you get the idea.

More small pennant banners and a GIANT picture of Isabelle mounted on foam core from the dollar store. It just worked out that we had a picture of Isabelle from Disneyland with that aqua door in the background. Perfect!
And here is the birthday girl with her best friend ever.
One of my favorite parts of the party were all the little balloon bouquets. We bought 5 inch balloons and ordered a small helium tank to fill them- I had a hard time finding anywhere that would blow up small balloons for us so we just did it ourselves. All the little blue vases are from the salvation army, spray painted. We also had tiny sodas and little juice boxes for the little ones.

Mini dip! Baby carrots and mini english cucumbers with popable cherry tomatoes.

For dessert we had mini cupcakes and mini caramel apples. The caramel apples were maybe my favorite part, they turned out so cute. We made homemade caramel and then used a melon baller to scoop little apple-like pieces from regular sized granny smiths.

I made a matching tiny bunting for her personal sized cake and frosted everything with Mo’s frosting recipe. It is the most amazing addictive frosting in the whole world.

We also had hot artichoke dip and little slider hamburgers that Jazz cooked out on the grill, mini sausages in the crock pot and some various chips/fishes. The sliders were so cute on their teeny buns!
For favors, we had little sacks for the kids/babies filled with small things: mini m & ms, a bouncey ball, little stickers, a yoyo, a tiny set of colored pencils, and a dumdum. For the families I baked little loaves of banana bread to take home for later. The labels say “good things come in small packages.” Like Isabelle!
More balloons and buntings.
Isabelle was SO cute and SO excited for her party, every time she saw something party related she would say “potty! potty!” (She hasn’t quite figured out her ‘r’ sound.)

Some of my good friends came from near and far to celebrate with us. I wish I had more pictures of everyone but the time went by so quickly.

Granted, Isabelle mostly just wanted to play with Madilyn. It was a beautiful day so we just opened the door and let the kids run in and out and play wherever they wanted to while the adults ate and chatted.
Then we did cake! I felt kind of emotional singing to her and hearing like 25 voices in the background celebrating my little baby with me. I’m emotional anyway, but still…it was wonderful to have friends and family there.
I thought she might just dig in, but she immediately asked for a fork.

Then she shared!

We opened presents while everyone ate cake and ice cream and if I didn’t know any better I’d think Izzie is spoiled rotten. She received so many thoughtful and personal gifts, we are pretty much set for the next two years I think. Madilyn was nice enough to help us out keep the present opening-flow going since Isabelle was so distracted by new toys. “Squirrel!”

The party started to wind down and pretty soon we said g’bye and a huge thank you to everyone. Eventually she just sat on the floor to play with all of her new things. Btw what is it about Grandmas that they know exactly what to get?
The aftermath: Isabelle was exhausted… we looked over and she was laying on the floor, totally SMILING. Project 2nd birthday party—mission, accomplished.

5 thoughts on “A Teeny Tiny Two Party

  1. Micci… you are seriously amazing. You are so crafty, and creative. You make everything fun, bright, and delicious! You have the life that every woman envy's. You have a BEAUTIFUL home, a great hubby and family, an adorable little girl that you get to stay home with, and you know HOW to throw one awesome party! I love it!!!


  2. Seriuosly Micci? You are worlds best party planner. Please plan my boys for me. Every little detail was adorable. If only I had a little bit of you in me! Mini carmel apples is the cutest idea!If you figure out the Grandma thing let me know. They always give them their favorite things!


  3. Micci- you need to start a business! Seriously. That is the best party I have seen. Isabelle is extremely lucky! Hope you enjoyed the day as well. 🙂


  4. Looked awesome! Happy birthday Isabelle.


  5. Goodness gracious what are you mom of the year of something?? this party looks AMAZING! Happy Birthday Izzie!!


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